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Goodbye Sweet Tooth
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Say goodbye to your sweet tooth.

"Sam is an inspirational and motivational person who has delivered this course with flair, humour and rigorous professional regard.
With utmost pateience he has quenched my ever thirsty desire for knowledge and understanding.
His extensive knowledge, anecdotal evidence and personal rapport has inspired me to embark on my own pathway to success.
For anyone considering a career or interest in hypnotherapy then this is the course for you.
Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Colette Cassin - Davies B.A. hons PGATCE ( Head of Art )
Colette Cassin
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About Goodbye Sweet Tooth

Sugary foods can cause weight gain and put you at risk of heart disease, diabetes, rotting teeth and so on. As your weight goes up, you feel even worse about yourself and comfort eat or have a need for more sugary foods. Your sugar levels fluctuate, so you swing between feeling panicky and anxious, to tired and sluggish. This sets off renewed cravings and the possible need to diet.

Nobody actually has a "sweet tooth"; it is the craving for sugar and sweets. This craving can be a form of emotional comfort eating, where a need for sugar supplies the need for a lift, to feel better. This cycle is linked to the emotions and our download addresses that. You will retrain your subconscious mind to be free of the need for sweet foods, to feel good and start to lead a sugar free, more emotionally stable life.

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