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Saying no!
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Say no and enjoy feeling assertive.

"Hi there, I purchased 3 hypnotic tracks from you last week through quidco and really enjoying using them. They are excellent quality (I'm studying Hypnotherapy myself with Chrysalis).Thanks.
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About Saying No

Being assertive means standing up for what you want. If you can assert yourself you can state clearly what you need, express opposition and can calmly confront situations. Having the ability to feel assertive and take control of a situation is an essential life skill. If you possess the ability to say 'no' then you take back control of your life, grow in confidence and earn respect from others.

As with all 'learned' behaviour it is possible to re-programme your brain with new powerful messages at a subconscious level. This self-hypnosis track will leave you feeling more relaxed and in possession of the strength and ability to assert yourself positively.

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