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Awesome Aura
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Radiate power, purpose and an awesome aura.

"Hi Sam.

Just want to say thank you for these tracks, I bought them over two years and find them excellent, it takes time to use them right but the benefits are fantastic.

I decided to use them again recently but for some reason I could only play the first few minutes, I contacted Sam and he went out of his way to help, he emailed all tracks to me again within 24 hours!!! I really can't thank him enough.

This is what customer service is....

I would recommend these tracks to anyone and the variety of tracks available is expanding and very reasonably priced.

Thanks again Sam.
Linda Quearney
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About Awesome Aura

No matter how skilled and talented you are - you are nothing without an awesome aura. Obviously physical and technical ability is essential if you are to beat the competition, but sport is as much as a mental battle as it is a physical one. If you can strike an imposing figure as you enter the ring, the track or the pitch, then you're already one step ahead of the game.

This self-hypnosis track has been developed using advanced hypnotherapy techniques. It will give you that mental and emotional boost that you need to exude an aura of complete determination and confidence – the aura of a winner.

All tracks are available for purchase as an MP3 audio download or as an audio CD delivered by post.

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