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New Year, New You

Start the new year with positive attitude!

The 'New Year, New You' course gives you more than just having a few New Year resolutions that you will not be able to keep – yet again!

Do you feel like you just take the same issues into each year, year after year? Well this is the course for you.

It targets three main areas that prevent us from having the life we deserve. Weight loss, relationships & stress. There are 3 sections – Mindful Weight loss, Build better relationships with NLP & Reduce stress levels with mindfulness & hypnosis. Whether you want to work on just one area or all three you can just work on what suits you. It comes with three downloads that help you achieve your goals.

The outline of the course is:

  • Mindful weight loss with 6 informative modules that helps you understand why you have a bad relationship with food and your weight. This comes with a great weight loss download!
  • Build better relationships with NLP has 12 modules covering – Introduction to NLP, Representational systems, Eye Accessing cues, Calibration, Anchors, Future pacing, Rapport building, Pacing and leading & Body language. This can help build your relationships with your partner, children, friend & colleagues. Good communication can make such a difference to your life.
  • Reduce your stress levels with Mindfulness & Hypnosis – has 7 modules covering Mindfulness, living in the now, how hypnotherapy can be beneficial, self-hypnosis & Anchors.
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