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"Hi Sam

Just some feedback on today's session. There is a saying that if something is worthwhile it is worth waiting for!

I felt totally relaxed during the session, very happy to listen to the sound of Sam's voice and found myself drifting off very quickly.

When the suggestion for tingling toes and fingers was given, mine did. I am not entirely sure what Sam said to my unconscious mind, but it seems to be working. I do not have the desire for a biscuit, bar of chocolate or anything else naughty to eat (which normally happens at this time of day!)

Now I have to say as someone who has trained in NLP Master and Hypnotherapy I found this session great, very helpful and even though I understand the process couldn't fight it as my unconscious mind just took over whilst I was in this relaxed state.

WELL DONE! Keep up the good work

All the best
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About Weight Loss

Medical research shows that 90% of dieters who lose weight on calorie controlled or low fat diets regain every ounce. That is because they soon return to old eating habits. To lose weight and successfully keep it off you need to re-programme your mind and attitude towards food.

Hypnotherapy is a proven approach to long term weight loss that will not only help change your attitude towards food, eating healthily and eating less, but give you new found confidence and help you to feel good about yourself. This self-hypnosis track will help you disconnect from negative habits and reprogram yourself for long-term success.

Free 102 page weight loss guide

You will also receive a free 102-page weight loss guide that supports each download or CD. This guide will be sent to you immediately after your purchase.

You have the full online back up programme as well to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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