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Weight Loss
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No need to diet to lose weight.

"Have had to looked for a UK source for losing weight ( perhaps because i stopped smoking) . Sam Wellers Hypnotic TRACKS has been a great success for me . Steady weight loss and a feeling of my own goal being gently helped by making the right decision -- No I don't really want that second portion of spaghetti carbonara -- no ice cream is nice but I don't really want it . It is subtle and effective and I expect will work for me in the long term rather than a quick fix..

Hypnotic tracks work for me and I strongly suggest that you at least see if they can help you too.

Hypnotic tracks are a strong support to help in achieving your targets or improve your lifestyle as I have discovered.

Jeremy Boardman
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About Weight Loss

Medical research shows that 90% of dieters who lose weight on calorie controlled or low fat diets regain every ounce. That is because they soon return to old eating habits. To lose weight and successfully keep it off you need to re-programme your mind and attitude towards food.

Hypnotherapy is a proven approach to long term weight loss that will not only help change your attitude towards food, eating healthily and eating less, but give you new found confidence and help you to feel good about yourself. This self-hypnosis track will help you disconnect from negative habits and reprogram yourself for long-term success.

Free 37 page weight loss guide

You will also receive a free 37-page weight loss guide, valued at £10, that supports each download or CD. This guide will be sent to you immediately after your purchase.

You have the full online back up programme as well to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Don't forget for every 2 tracks you buy you get 1 free.