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Relaxation and Confidence
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Feel relaxed and confident always.

"Hi Sam
I have to say I think you are one of the best. I have tried a number of other downloads from various sites but still come back to you. I seem to totally relax to the sound of your voice and although I have lapsed lately listening to the tracks you and your hypnotic tracks have transformed my life.
I have been through a difficult period.... been times when I felt I was staring into a black hole, there was no help. Medication yes but it was not the turning point. Your tracks and your voice stay with me throughout the day. Popping into my head for no particular reason and at no particular time.
You are a very talented man and I am sure you have helped turn many peoples lives around.
Keep up the good work.

Take Care

Ali X
Ali Walters
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About Relaxation and Confidence

Through years of working with clients suffering from stress, fear of failure, lack of confidence, inability to sleep, low self esteem, chronic insecurity, anger management and complaints including tension headaches and irritable bowel syndrome, I've developed a therapeutic track that will enable you to achieve deep levels of relaxation.

Whether you are lacking the confidence and strength you desire, or need a simple and effective way to instantly feel more relaxed, this self-hypnosis track will re-programme your mind with levels of confidence, relaxation and self esteem that you never dreamed possible.

All tracks are available for purchase as an MP3 audio download or as an audio CD delivered by post.

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