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Public Speaking Excellence
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Effective public speaking; blow that audience away.

"A few months ago, promoting my business in public was something that I absolutely dreaded. Sam has made a real difference. Listening regularly to 'Public Speaking Excellence' has turned me into a powerful public speaker and I am now comfortable with addressing an audience."
James Craddock
Director, Get Support
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"If we were not 100% convinced of the added value factor they provide to our clients,we would not be using them.
..all 89 Quantum Business consultants are affiliates of Hypnotictracks."
Tony Shearing
Quantum Business Consultant.,
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I have used one of your downloads before to stop smoking, and I found it really helped. I have been thinkinhg about trying the weight loss one for a while and this great deal encouraged me to finally get to it! I reccommend your website to others all the time. Thank you for offering a product that works so well and is very affordable.

Jasmine Philip


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"Excellent quality and very professional.Plus what I like is you actually get the back up help and support, which I did not think I would get."
Doug Smith
September 2, 2008
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"Dear Sam
I would like to thank you for making a significant contribution to both my personal and business life.

I have always been extremely sceptical about hypnosis ....

You were kind enough to be very patient with my scepticism and never tried any hard sell tactics to convince me otherwise.

....What impressed me greatly was your professional attitude and desire for solid measurable results. It became apparent that this was not a mechanism for simple indulgence but a practical way to get my desired results in both business and life.

I would like to thank you for giving me the edge in life and business. "
Pierre Jeannes
Director , Rainbow International
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"I have found "Hypnotic Tracks" to be the most effective, efficient and powerful downloads I have ever used. "
Linda M. Morneau, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) Enfield, Connecticut USA
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"I use hypnotictracks all the time.They help me to feel confident and I do more business.
Makes selling allot easier. "
Peter Rhodes
Training Consultant/Life Coach, PRA Consultants UK & Canada
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"Hi Sam
I want to say that as an in house professionally trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP.. I have found your Hypnotic Tracks Downloads to be very well structured.
They guide me into a very good level of hypnotic trance....
I have used and sampled a large number of
hypnosis downloads and I must say yours are among the very best."
Doug Clark
Certified Hypnotherapist, B.Ed, D.M.H, D.Hyp, MPNLP, EMDR, Adv Dip Prof S.M. DHP, Dip. PH
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"Dear Sam

I had for some time considered the use of hypnotherapy to gain an edge in business. I have always believed that any feasible method to improve myself and my business was an obligation and a responsibility.

...now receive the recognition you deserve ...

It would be too easy to give just general comments on the areas that you have helped me to improve such as increased focus, stress reduction, improved positive attitude, and increased assertiveness...Firstly my sales are up 25% since our first session...So your fees now seem like an extreme bargain....

Lastly i would like to make a sincere thanks for all the work you have done. "
Phil Fetzer
Company Director, Absolute Internet Solutions, , Oxford, Oxfordshire
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"Having been successful in sales and management he was immediately able to pick up on my business shortfalls through an in depth analysis and fact find. By being so precise he was able to work a very effective track for subconscious programming. This has led to significant changes in my business as I am so much more in control and I feel I have a real edge, in what is a ferociously competitive market place." "
Local Business Development Manager , Car dealership, Newbury, Berks
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"We considered many hypnosis downloads but there was only choice.Hypnotictracks"
Ross Musgrove
BBC Club Brand Manager, NI Creative
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"There are so many hypnotic downloads out there, so I decided to find the best. Believe me I have reviewed many.

I think this is a great selection of MP3's. I have used several of them and they are good. He has over 16 years experience as a clinical hypnotherapist.
Trevor Aird
NLP Coach., Inner Zest International
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"I can whole heartedly recommend Sam Weller as a Hypnotherapist. I have listened to many of Sam�s Hypnotherapy downloads available on his website: www.HypnoticTracks.com (also available on www.SoundsOrange.com) and they are extremely effective. I have also had the privilege of working with people Sam has trained as hypnotherapist's and they are also very expert in their field.
Anadi Taylor
Director, SoundOrange
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"Hi Sam,

I'm really loving your downloads, I really think that they are helping me, many thanks.

Kurt Forrest
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"Hiya Sam,

Just wanted to let you know the difference the tracks have made to me.

I had a bout of ill health earlier in the year and was taken ill whilst driving and even though i have fully recovered the driving anxiety didnt leave me and I tried everything bar drugs for anxiety which i didnt want in case of getting hooked. Hypnotic Tracks made a huge difference after only one session and repeated sessions have reinforced the messages and made a huge difference. Instead of worrying in advance of every journey in the car I just get in and go and on the very odd occasion that an anxious thought pops into my head - I just think "calm - that is how you choose to feel and if you are calm and relaxed anxiety simply cannot exist" and that usually fixes it.

In addition to all of that - I put myself up for promotion at work (glutton for punishment!) and found the downloads for public speaking and business confidence fabulous.

Thanks for the personal replies you have given , its made it all less "corporatey" and more caring.

Toni Harrington
Slimming world consultant
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"When I was Team leader at Action International Sam was involved with rapport building and telcommunications skills for our coaches.Being an experienced trainer he has extensive knowledge and skills to match."
Paul Avins
Business Coach, http://www.paul-avins.com/
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"Are you in a hypnotic state of Customer Service with unbelievable 24hr efficiency...."
Tine Desoutter
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"Hypnotic tracks created by you are amazing"
Bangalore, India
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"Thank you so much. I am loving the hypnotic tracks"
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"Thank you for the great quality tracks,
I am going to purchase more tracks from your website

Karin Coomer
Karin Coomer
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"Sam`s tracks are superb,they are well structured and very electic.

All the bases are covered and he has a very professional hypnotic voice.

Far and away the best hypnosis downloads on the market
The professional`s choice.
Alison Gatenby
Hypnotherapist & Psychologist , Reading, Berks
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"Hi there, I purchased 3 hypnotic tracks from you last week through quidco and really enjoying using them. They are excellent quality (I'm studying Hypnotherapy myself with Chrysalis).Thanks.
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"I have listened to various hypnosis downloads over the years and have found hypnotictracks to be far and away the best."
Thomas Nolan
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"Not only are they effective in producing positive self-changes, but also they provide a half an hour of wonderful deep relaxation, to be cherished. "
Jonathan C Margetts, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist. Bath
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"Hi there

I've now managed to download them onto my phone so I can listen to them in private, but thanks for the excellent after sales service, I'd have no hesitation recommending you to others, thanks again
Kathleen McDonald
Kathleen McDonald
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"Would like to recommend Sam Weller Hypnotic Tracks, have tried out a
few tracks and finding them great
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"Hi Sam,

I'm a hypnotherapist and have been listening to loads of hypno downloads over the last year.

Yours are by far the best I have ever heard.

I was so disallusioned by the rest that I hadnt bothered to do my own even though my clients have askedYou've inspired me to get on and do some myself.

Jennie Francis
Jennie Francis
Hypnotherapist, http://www.hypnotherapysuccess.co.uk/
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"I just want to say how unbelievably helpful and beyond the call of duty Sam from Weller Associates has been in trying to get my downloads to me.

He must have sent them, in various different formats and two 3 email addresses, about 20 times or more. For some weird reason the emails with the tracks on them just weren't getting to the address, tho all the other ones from him during our correspondence got there fine.

It's been very odd, and neither of us understand why, but eventually we managed to get a form of them through to one address and it's all because of his patience and persistence, so all hail Sam. Give the man a medal.

Thanks a lot.

A very satisfied customer
Doune Fairfax
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"Im extremely satisfied with my purchases,- it has made a diffrence to my Life/ lifestyle "
Hypnotictracks survey Oct 2012
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"I'm no longer addicted to food! After nearly 40 years of having an intense emotional attachement to food, its no longer there! I'm excercising every day and LOVING it!.Its AWESOME!!!!

I LOVE the packages I have recommended them to everyone who will listen, so much so that people think there must be a subliminal "advertise the hynotracks to everybody" put in there. LOL! Hypnotracks have changed my life!
Vanessa McMillan
Survey feedback Sept/Oct 2012
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"There are definitely signs of improvement and in my overall health and wellbeing.
I purchased Hypnotic Tracks through an online deal in Australia.

Thanks Sam for your inspiration and motivational support - keep up the good work!
Groupon Australia
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"I believe that everyone who chooses to be in business sometimes needs a little help. For me, it was breaking through a number of self imposed barriers, mainly based around me not being confident enough to take my business to where I know it deserved to be.

Sam Weller of Hypnotic Tracks has helped me enormously, firstly by helping me to understand that I wasn�t actually afraid of failing, I was much more afraid that I might be really successful.

Using hypnotherapy and what Sam calls �right brain coaching� I have successfully and quickly dealt with these barriers and have watched as my business has grown.

As well as working one-to-one with Sam, in my weekly 1 hour hypnotherapy session, Sam offers a number of downloadable self-hypnosis tracks including Supreme Business Confidence, Achieve Your Goals and Public Speaking Excellence, all of which I use regularly in between hypnotherapy sessions.

Sam is based in Oxfordshire and helps clients all over the world � working on live video link for those clients who are too far away to visit him in person.
It certainly works for me and, if you think you would like some help with taking your business forward then visit the Hypnotic Tracks site."
Stef Thomas
Regional Director, 4N networking
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"I have tried a number of providers and recommend Sam Weller at Hypnotic Tracks. He has a number of downloads available that have proved effective for many people I know."
Allan Smith
Managing Director, Corporate Dynamics (UK) Ltd
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"Sam is an inspirational and motivational person who has delivered this course with flair, humour and rigorous professional regard.
With utmost pateience he has quenched my ever thirsty desire for knowledge and understanding.
His extensive knowledge, anecdotal evidence and personal rapport has inspired me to embark on my own pathway to success.
For anyone considering a career or interest in hypnotherapy then this is the course for you.
Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Colette Cassin - Davies B.A. hons PGATCE ( Head of Art )
Colette Cassin
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"Hi Sam.

Just want to say thank you for these tracks, I bought them over two years and find them excellent, it takes time to use them right but the benefits are fantastic.

I decided to use them again recently but for some reason I could only play the first few minutes, I contacted Sam and he went out of his way to help, he emailed all tracks to me again within 24 hours!!! I really can't thank him enough.

This is what customer service is....

I would recommend these tracks to anyone and the variety of tracks available is expanding and very reasonably priced.

Thanks again Sam.
Linda Quearney
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"I originally ordered 2 tracks and was so pleased with the results went onto order 13 more."
Jan Memory
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"Hi Sam,
I did research on some quality hypnosis mp3's and found that your sessions came out with the best rating every-time"
Martin Swanepoole
South Africa
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"I've attended a hypnosis clinic before and wasn't very impressed, but with this, the tone of voice and ability to bring me right to a deep state of relaxation was impressive and subconsciousness suggestions very effective. "
Groupon Ireland
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"This are the best hypnosis tracks, I ever had. Your voice is pleasant and clear. For the first time in my life, I am very hopeful in getting results. "
Groupon Netherlands
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About Public Speaking Excellence

Effective public speaking is about putting your point across with confidence and clarity. It is about mastering the art of getting people to sit up and listen, to connect with you and to take you seriously. However, you're certainly not alone if you find the whole experience absolutely terrifying and as a result are hampered by nerves that let you down in a big way.

Fear of public speaking has become the most common reason that clients come for hypnotherapy. The good news is that because your fear is caused by an emotional trigger, the problem can be easily cured through hypnosis. Gain the confidence and clarity you need to start enjoying the experience of public speaking.

All tracks are available for purchase as an MP3 audio download or as an audio CD delivered by post.

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Don't forget for every 2 tracks you buy you get 1 free.