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Effective public speaking; blow that audience away.

"Hiya Sam,

Just wanted to let you know the difference the tracks have made to me.

I had a bout of ill health earlier in the year and was taken ill whilst driving and even though i have fully recovered the driving anxiety didnt leave me and I tried everything bar drugs for anxiety which i didnt want in case of getting hooked. Hypnotic Tracks made a huge difference after only one session and repeated sessions have reinforced the messages and made a huge difference. Instead of worrying in advance of every journey in the car I just get in and go and on the very odd occasion that an anxious thought pops into my head - I just think "calm - that is how you choose to feel and if you are calm and relaxed anxiety simply cannot exist" and that usually fixes it.

In addition to all of that - I put myself up for promotion at work (glutton for punishment!) and found the downloads for public speaking and business confidence fabulous.

Thanks for the personal replies you have given , its made it all less "corporatey" and more caring.

Toni Harrington
Slimming world consultant
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About Public Speaking Excellence

Effective public speaking is about putting your point across with confidence and clarity. It is about mastering the art of getting people to sit up and listen, to connect with you and to take you seriously. However, you're certainly not alone if you find the whole experience absolutely terrifying and as a result are hampered by nerves that let you down in a big way.

Fear of public speaking has become the most common reason that clients come for hypnotherapy. The good news is that because your fear is caused by an emotional trigger, the problem can be easily cured through hypnosis. Gain the confidence and clarity you need to start enjoying the experience of public speaking.

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