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Online Hypnotherapy Training Course

Online Hypnotherapy Training Course.

"I was trained as a Hypnotherapist by Sam this year. What I found helpful was that he decided to put his own slant on the training and incorporate ideas and techniques into the training that were skipped over a little bit by the core text.

Sams experience in sales and proactive marketing was a helpful tool in the training as it gave a real insight into how a therapist can develop quickly and what is effective at securing clients. He also has a vast knowledge of different techniques which were brought in when relevant to the training.

Sam was personable and enjoyable to work with. I didnt feel I was being trained I felt as if he was were helping me to learn. Too many people cannot connect with their classes and talk at the students, with Sam it was very much a synchronised effort to learn the knowledge and I felt that he really cared about my qualification.

I feel that I was very lucky to have studied under Sam and now that he has his own school for training I know that those students will have even more of a refined and relevant learning process which has been tailored by his experience.

I wish Sam every success in his venture and I know that he will succeed.

Tom Blackman
UK body building champion
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Introduction to Personal & Practice Hypnotherapy Certificate

Have you ever wanted to know more about hypnotherapy?

Are you interested in self-development and relaxation?

Whether you want to know more about hypnotherapy, thinking of doing a diploma in hypnotherapy or you would like to use selfhypnosis for self-improvement. This online course will give you a great new skill that you can use to become the person you want to be!

The course has 5 modules that include:

  • The history of hypnotherapy.
  • What is hypnotherapy?
  • What hypnosis can be used for - weight loss, stop smoking etc..
  • The key to a good hypnotic voice.
  • How to write a good script.
  • Using self-hypnosis.
  • How to use visualisation & anchors.

This online course is a balance of informative modules, audios, helpful tips and practical work. Also we include two free hypnosis downloads and a free Online NLP Certificate.

Once you have completed this course you will be awarded an Introduction to Personal & Practice Hypnotherapy Certificate.

For further details on payment and how to receive this certificate please contact us.