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Supreme Concentration
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Concentration is key to your success. Always stay focused with this track.

"I believe that everyone who chooses to be in business sometimes needs a little help. For me, it was breaking through a number of self imposed barriers, mainly based around me not being confident enough to take my business to where I know it deserved to be.

Sam Weller of Hypnotic Tracks has helped me enormously, firstly by helping me to understand that I wasn’t actually afraid of failing, I was much more afraid that I might be really successful.

Using hypnotherapy and what Sam calls ‘right brain coaching‘ I have successfully and quickly dealt with these barriers and have watched as my business has grown.

As well as working one-to-one with Sam, in my weekly 1 hour hypnotherapy session, Sam offers a number of downloadable self-hypnosis tracks including Supreme Business Confidence, Achieve Your Goals and Public Speaking Excellence, all of which I use regularly in between hypnotherapy sessions.

Sam is based in Oxfordshire and helps clients all over the world – working on live video link for those clients who are too far away to visit him in person.
It certainly works for me and, if you think you would like some help with taking your business forward then visit the Hypnotic Tracks site."
Stef Thomas
Regional Director, 4N networking
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About Supreme Concentration

You may have the skill, drive and determination to succeed, but if you don’t have the focus and concentration then you’ll easily be distracted and diverted from your target. In business, total focus brings results. Concentration is key to your success. The ability to focus 100% on the matter in hand irrespective of other distractions or pressures is a highly valuable trait.

If you want that winning, rock solid focus then this self-hypnosis track can help you. It will give you an unbeatable feeling of absolute focus, which in turn will improve your productivity and creativity. For winning results, train your brain.

All tracks are available for purchase as an MP3 audio download or as an audio CD delivered by post.

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