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Animal Magnetism
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Animal Magnetism - Draw women like a magnet.

"Dear Sam,

After having recently bought your tracks I am beginning to feel more confident and the sexual confidence and animal magnetism CDs are starting to encourage me to make stronger eye contact with attractive women something i'm not used to doing! I feel a lot more ease with myself (I've even noticed a little more swagger in my step) and feel like the effects are starting to be noticed even after around a week's worth of listening. So thank you for this marked improvement.
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About Animal Magnetism

Women find men with animal magnetism irresistible. You do not have to be the best looking guy in the room to attract women. The sexual aura you give out is a powerful aphrodisiac and women find you irresistible.

This track can give you the right mindset; women are drawn to men that exude raw power and sexual energy. That certain look and stance that says it all without saying anything. You are a sexual magnet and exude an aura of pure sensual animal magnetism.

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