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For years I tried to quit smoking, but never quite made it. The craving never really went away, and after a few drinks in the pub is was almost inevitable I would wake up with a bad taste in my mouth, a sore throat, and guilt and off we went again... until the next time I gave up. That was until I tried a hypnotic tracks stop smoking download, and to say I was skeptical was an understatement...
I used the stop smoking download feeling exactly the same as I had when I started, having been totally conscious through the whole process. I was convinced nothing had changed, until later that night, at a party I realized I had not had a single craving and more to the point the idea of smoking a cigarette positively repulsed me.
That was 6 months ago, I'm pleased to say to this day after just one session with the stop smoking hypnotic track download, I've never craved a cigarette, I've never been tempted, and I remain repulsed by cigarette smoke, (if only the smokers knew how bad they smell, but don't tell them).
I went from total skeptic to convert, if you are serious about giving up smoking I cannot recommend the hypnotictracks stop smoking hypnotherapy download highly enough, it works.
Please note as a website design company Irun is now an active recruiter of affiliates to hypnotictracks.This we feel is the most effective way to endorse the product.
Steve Darnell
Managing Director , Irun UK and ex-smoker

I have downloaded several of his Hypnotic Tracks,hypnotherapy downloads and principally listen to the Relaxation and Confidence and Supreme Concentration tracks. The downloads have helped me to focus on the task at hand, and as I am nice and relaxed after listening to them I find it has really helped with getting off to sleep, whether it be at home, in a hotel room or in the flight deck bunk of a Boeing 747-400. (The flight deck being my work place!)
Another great feature about the service that Sam provides is the after sales service. He is more than willing to accept e-mails and calls and then give further advice. I have also recommended hypnotictracks to some of my colleagues.
David Abraham
Airline Pilot , Virgin UK

I have used the Relaxation and Confidence download and this has succeeded in quietening my mind, which is always on the go, having a husband, 2 teenagers, a dog and my own full-time Life Coaching business! It is very effective in achieving deep levels of relaxation and I thoroughly recommend Sam`s hypnotictracks hypnotherapy downloads to anyone who feels that they would benefit from increased calm in their life.
Claire Fuller Life Coaching
01295 724555
Hypnotictracks affiliate.

Claire Fuller.Life Coach

A few months ago, promoting my business in public was something I absolutely dreaded. Even the idea of standing up in front of a group of people and reading from a prepared script was enough to make my knees tremble.

After a couple of mental preparation sessions with Sam, my confidence grew, boosted by the support of the "Public Speaking Excellence" download. Listening regularly to the track has turned me into a powerful public speaker and I am now comfortable with addressing an audience - often without a script!

Sam has made a real difference, and the same techniques have been transferred onto Hypnotic Tracks, which have allowed me to continue improving my self-confidence even from the comfort of my own home.
James Craddock
Director, Get Support

Dear Sam,
After trying many varied diets, clubs and gyms in order to lose weight, I finally found the secret of achieving weight loss, and this was by using hypnotictracks for weight loss.
After only two weeks of using the hypnotic tracks weight loss download,I have successfully lost 11 lbs.
Although in the beginning I was unsure as to whether a download would work, I can say hand on heart this has really worked for me, I feel more confident, younger and comfortable in my skin.
I would like to keep my method of losing weight a secret so all my girl friends envy me, but I feel so positive that I will be singing the praises of your weight loss download and telling all of my friends that hypnotictracks really does work.Plus I really appreciate the ongoing online back up programme, which has meant I have continued to loose weight.
Many thanks from a confident, happy, healthy woman.
Mrs Daryl Mortimer
Housewife, Witney, Oxfordshire

From my own personal experience with Hypnotictracks, I can honestly say that the tracks themselves are of a high quality product and the hypnosis sessions professional and effective. The complimentary on-line backup support offered by Sam at Hypnotictracks is second to none. Sam has proven to be willing to offer advice and answer any questions you might have regarding the product itself or personal questions about hypnosis. I have to acknowledge that I was one of those skeptical people who did not really believe that people selling hypnotherapy products on the internet would actually provide genuine on-line support - until now, that is. From first-hand experience, I have discovered that Hypnotictracks really is quite unique in that Sam offers on-line backup support unlike anything I have ever experienced on the internet which, in my view, helps to make the tracks more effective in striving to reach your goals it is sort of like having your own personal hypnotherapist right there to help you when you need it the most! For this, I thank Sam and Hypnotictracks.

Lorraine T. Lewis
Legal Assistant, 216 Heritage Way, Deptford, New Jersey 08096 USA

I am a certified advanced theraputic hypnotist. I do a lot of work with clients needing relaxation therapy, grief recovery and emotional healing. I am always researching new and innovative products that will enhance my client's progress. I have found "Hypnotic Tracks" to be the most effective, efficient and powerful downloads I have ever used. I believe in your method and am looking forward to offering your products on my web site and in my office. Thank you for choosing me to be one of your American affiliates.

Linda M. Morneau, Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT) Enfield, Connecticut USA

I was delighted to have discovered Sam Weller's Hypnotictracks hypnotherapy downloads to recommend to my clients. The versatility of a MP3 download, or CD availability format, makes them readily available to everyone. The quality of the recording and the relaxing deep tonality of Sam's voice is something to be experienced. Not only are they effective in producing positive self-changes, but also they provide a half an hour of wonderful deep relaxation, to be cherished. Something not to be missed. Full marks Sam for a great product. "

Jonathan C Margetts, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist. Bath

Dear Sam,
I want to express my deep satisfaction with the results of using hypnotictracks hypnotherapy downloads. The quality of your voice is exceptional and I found myself deeply relaxed and floating away. All to often today it is impossible to relax unless you have a complete break from it all. With your hypnotherapy downloads you can achieve a quality of deep relaxation in only 20 minutes that it can take weeks to achieve on holiday.
The net result is that after each virtual session I feel relaxed and I can take everything in my stride. It is the perfect antidote to stress.
I use the relaxation and confidence download,increased energy download everyday. They are quality download products, and fantastic value for the price.
I wish you every success with www.hypnotictracks.com.
If anybody requires my verbal testimony to support this statement on behalf of your hypnotherapy downloads I am more than happy to talk with him or her.
Phil Fetzer
Managing Director , AIS Oxford

I lead a very demanding lifestyle and am constantly on the go. I have purchased several hypnotictracks hypnotherapy downloads for primarily relaxation and confidence, weight loss, anxiety reduction and increased energy. I am delighted to feedback that I have lost several pounds after a couple of weeks, have gained more energy and confidence.
As professional Hypnotherapist I can recognise the quality of the work and technically the tracks are superb.
What I really appreciate is that Sam is always on hand to answer questions and provide feedback so you get results
I wish Sam and his dedicated team at hypnotictracks every success in the world.
Jo Baker
Certified Hypnotherapist, Glastonbury UK

OK - so yes this guy I'm about to tell you about is in our network and yes it benefits us to promote him, but this is quite interesting:

If you're like me, you probably have about 30 clients on the go, 30 prospects, numerous red tape packages to deal with, plenty of demands from your 'non' business life, planning, NPD and a whole bunch of other stuff to handle.

All of which takes a drain on the old mental energy. For me it hits (or used to) around 3pm in the afternoon and last until about 6pm when I could start up again.

That wasn't too much of a problem because I don't need to work those hours, but nonetheless I didn't want to lose them to feeling like a vegetable.

So, not without skepticism I must add, I decided to try out one of Sam's hypnotherapy download solutions.

The real thing that swayed it for me was the way he had described other hypnosis / NLP audio products as 'wishy washy nonsense set to new age music' in one of our meetings. He explained rather convincingly and technically why his were quite different, in part by citing case study after case study.
Anyway, Sam's a UK hypnotherapist and the hypnotherapy download I used from his site was called 'Relief of Tiredness', and I have to tell you, either I'm having a great week or using the session a few times has genuinely made a big difference.

Chris Wright
Managing Director, Wonderstore e-business development consultants

I had previously downloaded several tracks.I have found them to be on the money.
Anyway I had decided it was time to quit the fags,so I downloaded the stop smoking track.
I now don`t smoke.
I have recommended hypnotictracks to absolutely everybody I come across that wants to pack up smoking.
What really impressed me as part of the package was the guide to how to get the best from the tracks,followed a couple of days later by a message offering help and support.Then there is the online coaching support.
There is no limit to this by the way.
2 weeks later I received a survey questionaire asking whether I had stopped and what I thought of the track.
Sam and his crew get top marks for thoroughness.
Paul Taylor
Flying Instructor & ex-smoker, Northants

Dear Sam
Both my wife Rachel and I would like to thank you as we stopped smoking with the help of the Hypnotictracks. We were both heavy smokers and decided this year to break the habit.
We had previously gone down the traditional route of patches and gum,but this never worked and it was time to try something different. What appealed to us about the download was having the facility whereby we could listen in the privacy of our own home and in our own time.Plus having online back up.
We both lead hectic schedules and taking time out for hypnotherapy sessions might have been difficult.
We therefore consider Hypnotictracks to be fantastic value for the money,given the package that is provided and wish you and the team every success in the future.
We can thoroughly recommend hypnotictracks to anyone who is serious about packing up smoking.
Alan and Rachel Browning
Wish IFA ex-smokers, Banbury Oxon

I weighed 15 stone 9 pounds. As a flying instructor I was finding that the microlights, the light planes I teach on, could not safely support my weight and a students weight at the same time. We could not take off and manoeuvre in the air! So I had to lose at least one stone.
The best thing is that I now feel full after eating a fist sized portion and I have reprogrammed my eating habits to eat less.
Since using hypnotictracks I have lost another 12 pounds.The best thing is that I now feel full after eating a fist sized portion and I have reprogrammed my eating requirements away from fatty food.
I would also like to further add I downloaded, Relaxation and Confidence, plus Powerful Telephone Skills. I liked those so much I further downloaded,Increased Energy, Confidence Under Pressure and You Have The Sporting Edge.
Paul Taylor
Flying Instructor, AV8er Northampton UK

I downloaded the hypnotherapy track for relaxation and confidence in all honesty not knowing what to expect. I sat there thinking this will not work and was amazed to find my hand floating. I listen as often as I can, as it is wonderful to feel so relaxed and confident.A great tool for stress management.
I have recommended the hypnotic tracks to my girlfirend Sandra and she is now a non-smoker.
John Kearsy, Oxford,Oxfordshire

As a karate black belt, I take my training and physical conditioning very seriously. I have used download tracks from the sports enhancement section and when I am competing I feel superb. Totally confident and powerful, with absolute focus.

Darren Harrison
Karate Black Belt, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

I have a stressful job which although I enjoy I do need to unwind at times.
So I use relaxation and confidence with supreme business confidence as well.
Quality downloads and well worth the money.
Peter Davey
Managing Director , Client-Mailer (UK)

I use to have a real dread of flying.Months before any flight I would be in a state of high anxiety,which would become worse as the flight approached.
Although I have used hypnotherapy before with Sam for relaxation and stress management which worked well. So I downloaded the fear of flying hypnotherapy download track,to be honest without any real expectation of it working.To my utter amazement,the anxiety stopped and I am now able to fly withour fear, and for the first time ever actually enjoy it.No more stress.
Thanks to hypnotictracks
Dave Beesley
Team Leader , B-Line Oxfordshire UK

A very effective way to reduce anxiety.With back up and support.Quality downloads designed to work.
Marco Fargee
CEO, Medicor Group, Houston Texas USA

Hypnotictracks is part of our support package to Interim Management Services.If we were not 100% convinced of the added value factor they provide to our clients,we would not be using them.
You will also find that all the UK`S 89 Quantum Business consultants are affiliates of Hypnotictracks promoting it to all their potential and existing clients.
Don`t just take my word for it....check it out.
Tony Shearing
Quantum Business Consultant.,

I had tried for years to stop smoking and never quite made it. I had gone down the traditional path of nicotine replacement therapy which did not work. My boyfriend John suggested hypnotictracks as he had used one of the tracks to help him relax.
When I told my friends I was using online hypnosis,to help me stop smoking, they all laughed and pretended to dangle pendulums in front of me.
Anyway I stopped smoking, if anyone had told me a few weeks ago I would be using the power of my own mind,to stop smoking I would not have beleived them.
Sandra Bashford, UK

Prior to moving to Canada Sam helped me to lose some weight, as I am now based in Ontario there is not much chance if I need occasional booster sessions of seeing him!
So I now use a weight loss track and it is just as effective as an actual session.Same quality of relaxation.Plus if I ever need to get hold of Sam or any of his team for advice I will just email them.
Peter Rhodes
Training Consultant.Canada, Peter Rhodes Associates

I have been an affiliate of hypnotictracks since the launch of the site.They provide me with a nice steady little income stream, and there was no initial capital outlay.
My kind of investment.
Mike Owen
Designer and Hypnotictracks affiliate, B2B Internet Solutions Banbury Oxfordshire

I have used hypnotictracks for fear of flying and everything worked,nice and relaxed, no anxiety feelings, and quite indifferent about the flight.I did have some reservations before boarding the plane,but there was really nothing to worry about.Worked perfectly.That is why I am giving this testimonial.
Kaye , Newbury, Berks

My Wife Daryl loved her hypnotictracks download for weight loss.I can remember driving home one evening and phoning Daryl(I must have interupted her self hypnosis session)as I could her Sam`s voice in the background, it was the sound of the download from her headphones.I wondered what was going on!!!!!
In all seriousness though I was so impressed by what Daryl had experienced I decided to purchase the relaxation and confidence download.Have to say it worked a treat.I have listened to relaxation and stress tapes and CD`s before but have never felt this relaxed.
Paul Mortimer Painter Witney Oxfordshire

We all use the downloads from the business achievement section.
They work.
Alan Cooper (www.shop.actecs.co.uk)
Managing Director, Aztecs

I have worked with Sam on a 121 basis when he was mental preparation coach at the club,earlier this year.
I have found his techniques to be effective and therefore have downloaded all the tracks from the Sport Achievement section.
I cannot say just how beneficial the tracks have been to me this season.
Billy Turley
Oxford Utd Football Club Goal Keeper

Golf as a competitive game at the highest level requires immense concentration and mental preparation of the highest order.
That is why I endorse Hypnotictracks.Very few,if any products in the market place are this good.
All I can say, as a professional sportsman is give Hypnotictracks a go.
Dusan Gavrilovic
PGA Golf Professional, www.magnoliapark.co.uk

Hello. Just tried your stop smoking track. I have smoked since starting aged 23 (silly huh?) and am now 35. I have been trying to quit for the last three years on and off, managing a couple of weeks or so at a time but always coming back to the cigs and always with a struggle to keep from thinking about smoking or trying to keep cravings under control...not for the nicoteen but for the ritual of rolling a cigarette and smoking it. I had been thinking of trying hypnotherepy but the cost has put me off as did booking appointments etc so when I found your web site I thought...why not? I downloaded the track and listened to it straight away this morning (did giggle to myself a couple of times...well its a funny thing to do when you think about it!). I wasnt sure it had worked at first, I just felt incredibly relaxed afterwards (very nice in tis own right!). However, since then I have not wanted a cigarette and even when I did have a very brief thought once I took a deep br!
eath and it was gone! Its the first time I feel not as if I have stopped, but that I am a non-smoker!! I seem to have forgotten somehow that I did smoke. I will listen to the tape a few more times to make sure but if this carries on I cannot imagine starting again. Now I just have to get my boyfriend to listen to it!!! So thankyou and wish me luck! All best wishes, Tracey Smith.

Hi Sam,
No worries, I would be pleased to have my feedback posted if it helps. I listened to the track again this morning and so far, so very good and I dont even seem to think about smoking, which is a first for me for a long time! Plus the relaxation is sooo good when you finish. I have just recommended you to my mother as well to try the losing weight download...in fact I am going to download it and send it to her later today (might even try it myself too)!
So, many thanks again and I will let you know if I manage to get my other half to give the stop smoking a go.
All best wishes,
P.S. I still have to smile during the download though...I think its the thought of the basement of relaxation bit...seems so funny when you think about it but hey..it works

Tracey Smith.Bristol

The tracks are working very well! Three good wins in the last week.
Firstly, I beat the course record holder at Chipping Norton easily.
Then I beat a former European Tour player.
Best of all I shot 5 under par to beat the Chipping Norton club pro who is an excellent player. I birdied the last two holes and made a 20 ft putt on the last for the win.
Truly deadly.
Thanks for your help so far. This could not have happened two months ago. You are a legend
Jeremy Dale
World Golf Trick Shot Champion
Jeremy Dale

My daughter had tried several times to pass her driving test without success due to her nerves.I downloaded the pass your driving test and exam nerves tracks for her
and she passed no problems.
This now leaves me with a small problem.....buying her the car which was promised if she passed!!
David Beasley
Team Leader B-Line

My experience with using the anxiety download was life changing literally. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a life changing disability that brought on a tremendous amount of anxiety and had been to every doctor and of course they all wanted to put me on medications. I tried them all because I wanted to get better and get on with my life but the side effects were too much for me to handle. I was in bed for months due to my disability and the anxiety. My body became stuck in a state of constant anxiety and there was nothing that anyone could do except drug me. The anxiety got so bad that it hindered my efforts to get better. I ordered Sam's download on anxiety and began to listen to it several times a day and before bed and within about a week I began to notice that I was relaxing and experiencing a sense of peace. I was able to deal with my disability and face it in a healthy way and now I use his downloads because they relax me each night. I would recommend them highly to anyone. I intend on ordering more in the future and I believe they will also help my children as well.

Laura Brower.Georgia.USA.

no longer require the download as I am now a NON SMOKER Many thanks to you.
Thanks for checking tho.
Best regards,
Kevin Olding.ex-smoker
From survey sweep conducted after stop smoking track purchased, part of online support programme

I wrote the original QUIT (stop smoking)programme 10 years ago.Due to allot of stress in my life I recently started smoking again.
I saw Sam for some 121 sessions and he also gave me the Hypnotictracks stop smoking CD as back up.
I have found the 121 sessions to be very relaxing,and the CD goes even further.
Apparently with 121 sessions you can see if a person is in trance state.
So according to Sam with a download or CD you need to go further as they will not realise if they are in a state of hypnosis or not.This is important as it confirms that the suggestions are reaching the subconscious.
I am no longer have any involvement with QUIT
and would certainly recommend the Hypnotictracks system to anyone out there that wants to become a non-smoker.
Sandi Wilson ex-smoker
Creator, QUIT Programme

I use the relaxation and confidence track after and also between competitions.It helps me unwind and recharge my physical and emotional energies.
Dusan Gavrilovic
PGA Golf Professional

I am very impressed with your track. Powerful stuff. I listened to it once and I was smoke free.Totally confident in the Track.
Thanks again

Andrew Freeth ex-smoker
Trade Co-Ordinator, Bartercard

So I've listened to your download each day since Sunday, and have experienced a profound sense of relaxation each time I listen.
Diane Wright .Wirral

Sam Weller's soothing voice takes you through a quick hypnotic induction into a countdown to relaxation. It's very easy to follow Sam's guided technique, to relax body and mind and go with the flow. The body is relaxed from the toes upward and I was pleasantly surprised when I felt a slight tingling in my fingers as I relaxed more deeply. All tensions gradually faded away and I felt a sense of mental calm and a lightness as each body part loosened. As the relaxation deepened, I went down a plush carpeted stairway which I was able to visualise and feel under my feet with ease. The suggestions as I was in my place of deep relaxation helped me to forget and let go of any worries and allow my subconscious mind to boost confidence in all areas of my daily life. A very comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing experience.
Hebe Fearn
Health Synergy, www.healthsynergy.co.uk

The 121`s with Sam worked a treat and before a competition I use the downloads from the Sporting Achievement section.
Karl Field
England Clay Pigeon Shooting Team

I must admit I have tried other CDs from other places, but your relaxation and confidence CD is by far the best out there.
Susie P. UK

Of course, I possibly have some mental programming too, having used the Hypnotic Tracks Stop Smoking MP3. I will be honest and say that I find the MP3 so relaxing, that I have usually drifted off to sleep, so am not sure whether it has subliminally implanted something or not. I do know that I have found it somewhat easier to try and stop on this occasion.
David Cameron

Hypnotictracks to my mind are the most professional hypnosis downloads you can buy.A high standard of clinical hypnotherapy available online, which is downloadable from one of the UK`s top hypnotherapists at a fraction of the cost of hypnotherapy fees.
Plus online coaching if needed.Hypnotictracks are the the downloads that professional hypnotherapists like myself recommend.
Rosy Hammond.
Clinical hypnotherapist.Port Elizabeth. SA.

The weight loss track just helped me feel good about doing the things I knew I should be doing anyway.
I listen to it as often as I can and whenever I have had a question the back up has always been there.
I can recommend this product with complete confidence.The weight has been coming off, and has stayed off.
Nicola Mcaflin UK

For years I had tried various diets and had become fed up with none of them working.
So I thought I would try hypnotherapy and this version of it seemed like a good idea.
What I found was that my relationship to food changed.I feel better and am eating less but enjoying my meals more.
I now feel confident I have something at last that works.
Lynne Cantrell UK

I'd just like to say thanks for the fear of flying CD that I ordered a few months ago.It really helped me get over the fear of flying that I'd had for over 10 years. I've since traveled to Oz and back with no trouble at
Thanks again.
Kind regards

Mary Wloszek UK.

Dear Sam
my seventeen-year-old daughter,Clare,wanted to write this testimonial herself,which reflects her gratitude to you so this is very heartfelt thanks:

"I bought the anxiety,exam nerves and relaxation and confidence hypnotictracks before my AS-level exams,which I was very anxious about,and even when I was supposed to be relaxing I would feel nervous.
After listening to the tracks,I noticed that within a few days I began sleeping again,which was really cool because I had been stressed for such a long time I had`nt had a proper nights sleep in ages.

Gradually sleepness nights became less frequent,and as time went on I noticed that I was generally less anxious and more relaxed in all kinds of situations"

Your downloads,were without doubt the most effective and least expensive way to help what must surely be an extemely common problem.

So now Clare intends to pass her driving test (first time) with the help of you download.So no pressure then Sam!
Sheena Paterson
Landscape Gardener, Combe Garden Design

Hypnotictracks has certainly sharpened my focus and given me a competative edge to my game.
Marc Wheeler
Pro am Golfer

I have used NRT before, it helped but I was never able to stop smoking.
This method has made it allot easier.The cravings have gone,which really surprised me.I no longer think about smoking,I have become sort of indifferent to it.
More than happy to recommend this product.
Terry Brice UK

As Oxford University scientists we are working together with Wellerassociates and Guideposts Trust a major UK charity in the field of Corporate stress management and stress measurement.
Rubina Main
Oxford Medistress Ltd, www.thestressmeasurementcompany.com

We considered many hypnosis downloads but there was only choice.Hypnotictracks.
Ross Musgrove
BBC Club Brand Manager, NI Creative

Hi Sam,

I just thought I'd drop you a line before I see you again on Saturday with a bit of an update -
We had a sales meeting over Tuesday & Wednesday this week and I have to say that my colleagues do not seem to know what hit them ! As a matter of fact, I don't know what's hit me either!

The results of the sessions we have had so far are absolutely incredible - And I took your advice and listened to two of your HypnoticTracks to 'top me up' - 'Relaxation & Confidence' and I thought I'd also try 'Achieve your Goals' , and I feel that I have moved even farther forward !

I'm not sure if this is a sideline effect of the sessions so far, but I also seem to be remembering more information, particularly statistical info , which in the past has always been a bit of a weekness for me - Now I am able to recall prices that were previously quoted, pick up on errors in statistical information and generally have more focus on everything.

It has made an unbelievable difference to me already, and I can only say that I look forward to the next couple of sessions, particularly for when we try to address my driving issues, afterwhich I'm quite sure nothing at all will hold me back!

Many thanks for everything, and see you on Saturday.

Best wishes,
Alex McKee Oxfordshire

Hi Sam, I've been meaning to thank you for ages. I havn't smoked since Jan 18th.(2007) I didn't think I would ever be able to stop, but thanks to Hypnotictracks I have.I've been wondering how you got on with the BBC staff.
Best wishes Bella Holliday.
Bella Holliday.

Dear Sam,
Thank you for your help with curing my wife Jane's fear of flying. I am pleased to report that we had a very successful flight and did not need the usual concoction of Nytol and Gin and Tonic to settle her nerves before take off.
I have to say that we were both quite sceptical about the treatment, Jane remained positive throughout and we are certain that your treatment made the difference. I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone who would want to make a change to their lifestyle, as we have witnessed first hand, the power of positive thinking.
Once again thank you, and I wish you every success in the future.
Kevin Stanton

I use hypnotictracks all the time.They help me to feel confident and I do more business.
Makes selling allot easier.
Peter Rhodes
Training Consultant/Life Coach, PRA Consultants UK & Canada

Hypnotictracks is an integral part of our stop smoking policy to help BBC employees.We were attracted by the quality of the MP3 and online back up.
Ross Musgrove
BBC Club Brand Manager, NI Creative

Hi Sam
First off I want to say that as an in house professionally trained
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP via the EICH, CIT and Dominic Beirne School of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, I have found your Hypnotic Tracks downloads to be very well structured. They guide me into a very good level of hypnotic trance and I also
enjoy the hand levitation that you incorporate. The structure of the session is very much I feel the Dave Elman Induction and this procedure I find works very well, with trance deepening and ratifiers all built
in.I have used and sampled a large number of hypnosis downloads and I must say yours are among the very best.

Doug Clark
Certified Hypnotherapist, B.Ed, D.M.H, D.Hyp, MPNLP, EMDR, Adv Dip Prof S.M. DHP, Dip. PH

The tracks from the sexual enhancement section,as far my wife and I are concerned,have more than done the business for us in the required areas.Our Sex lives have taken off.
Dave Beasley
Team leader, BLine

As many of us know anxiety can be completely crippling. When you experience stress and anxiety your body releases extra hormones that historically would have helped our ancestors run faster or fight harder.

Unfortunately these days they only serve to raise our blood pressure and heart rate, making us feel jumpy, panicky, anxious and irritable.

Luckily anxiety is a habit that can be overcome, thanks to the hypnotic tracks of the world renowned hypnotherapist Sam Weller, you can now train your mind to relax so that you always feel calm, confident and in control of a situation.

Sam Wellers anxiety track will help you learn to trust your automatic responses to stressful situations and because you will no longer fear the paralysis of anxiety, you will gain a new found confidence and a whole new lease of life.
It's like having your own private hypnotherapist in your own backpocket and can call on him whenever and whereever you need him.
The tracks are easy to download for using on your i-Pod or MP3 player, or for burning a copy on CD. You can also get your copy on CD and have it mailed to you.
The Anxiety track works well in conjunction with the Feel Relaxed and Confident track.

These powerful self-hypnosis sessions have been developed through clinical experience and are a powerfully effective way to help you feel calm and relaxed at all times. I used the Anxiety, Relaxation and confidence and the Increased energy track.

The good deal is that when you buy two tracks you get one free, three tracks you get two free.
I think the tracks are good value for money as I feel alot more relaxed and less panicky. There is no instant miracle cure, but these tracks are very powerful and far more effective than many of the expensive therapists I've met in the past.
Editor Seroxat
July 1st 2007, www.seroxat.net

Hypnotictracks was featured by Doctor Sally Hope.Sally is an Oxford GP who writes every week for the Best magazine.
Best Magazine Issue 21st August 2007

We were delighted to feature Sam Weller and his excellent hypnotictracks.
Oxygen Magazine
Hypnotictracks featured by Caroline Jaques, June/July 07

Hypnotictracks and the smoking ban were featured by Maggie Hartford.
Oxford Times
In Business, May/June 2007

Sam will be co-host on the show Wednesday the 22nd August.
We will be covering a range of issues including the use of hypnosis for sex.
Bill Heine
Presenter, BBC Radio Oxford

I work long hours and sometimes get very tired,I have found Relief of Tiredness and Increased Energy to be of tremendous benefit.Helping me to recover quicker and have more sustained energy.
Paul Mortimer
Painter, Self employed

Hi Sam,

I bought your exam nerves CD for my daughter who had to take a particulary difficult resit when her confidence was low. I would normally pass this off as mumbo/jumbo but the cd made her very relaxed in the run up to the exam and during it.

Many thanks!!
Best regards,


The weight loss track worked really well for me.Almost too well,as I found myself disinterested in food and eating considerably less.In 6 weeks I lost 14lbs so this is a superb product and very effective.
Frankie Picasso
International Life Coach, www.coachoftheairwaves.com

The increased energy download was simply fanatastic.When ever I need an energy boost this recharges me and I can just keep on going.
Frankie Picasso
International Life Coach, www.coachoftheairwaves.com

I have found "Achieve Your Goals" to be perfect for keeping me focused and taking me to the finishing line.
Frankie Picasso
International Life Coach, www.coachoftheairwaves.com

I listened to the relaxation and confidence CD this afternoon - it was brilliant - it was just as if I was sitting with you in your room!
Charles Landless
Farmer, Gloucestershire

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what I think of this process.

I really like the idea that I can receive this type of service without having to leave my home or office.

I can comfortably recline where I am and have your gentle, soothing voice in my ears taking me on a very relaxing, peaceful journey. When the process is complete, I feel so totally and completely calm and full of energy.

Regarding results, the last I checked I have lost a pound, but more importantly, I see that I am eating more regularly and appropriately without feeling of deprivation, anxiety or harshness.

My situation was different than others in that my weight gain was due to not eating enough food.

I start with the intention that my subconscious knows whatever it is that I need to reach and maintain my ideal weight. Then I just relax and enjoy!
Thanks so much.
All the best,
Susan Bagyura
Life Coach, bluedanubecoaching

I will be interviewing Sam each week and he will be taking calls on a new blog radio show called the midnight rambler.
Sam will be taking questions from a wide ranging audience on how his hypnosis downloads can help people achieve a better quality of sex life.
Frankie Picasso
Coach of the Airwaves, http://www.midnightramblersexshow.com/

Listened to the weight loss download and it was absolutely fantastic never been so relaxed before.Looking forward to those pounds coming off.Happy to recommend this product to anyone that wants to lose weight
Stefan Thomas
EditorCommunity Times Witney, Regional Director 4N.

I am really trying to work on my personal wellness and have finally decided to quit one of my worst habits -- smoking. I've been a smoker on and off for about 10 years now and have wanted to quit for good for some time now. It is truly a vile habit that I should have never picked up to begin with. But I never had enough will power to quit on my own. As I have been blogging at this site, I kept seeing advertisements for Sam Weller's hypnotherapy downloads. I thought it was hoakie, but decided to give it a try. I never thought that I would be the sort of person that would be easily hypnotized. But sure enough, Sam Weller's soothing voice drifted me off into my own inner sanctuary of relaxation. All I remember is walking down stairs counting from 20, and when I reached the last step I'd be in perfect relaxation. I don't know what the man said but it worked. I haven't really craved a cigarette at all today. Even when I smelled it earlier from a passerby smoking, it didn't bother me. I'm cured!!! I have decided to listen to it for a week straight to get the "message" deep into my sub-conscious.

Sam Weller has all kinds of hypno downloads. There are downloads for Personal Wellness, Professional Achievement, Sexual Enhancement (ooo la la) to Sports Improvement. I recommend this guy's site too: http://www.hypnotic-tracks.us. I can't believe I haven't had a smoke today. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Insight Journal.com
Blog entry Oct 22nd 2007, Person of Interest

For may years I tried many diets, lost allot of weight and put it all back on again.
I went to weight watchers as well, but still my weight went up and down like a yo-to.
I lost 4 stone and put it all back on again plus more.
I was fed up of dieting and thought I would try hypnotherapy for a change.
The hypnotictracks weight loss download worked really well for me.I felt very relaxed and it put me in the right frame of mind to lose weight.
I listened each night before going to sleep.
I no longer feel like snacking and my relationship to food has changed.Even my husband who is an arch critic of anything like this, could not believe I was happy eating less.
I did not need the online back up although I knew it was always there.
I wish I had discovered hypnotictracks allot sooner.
The weight comes off slowly and stays off.
Marie Lamin
School Teacher, Northampton

Having introduced my daughter Claire to Sam`s tracks to help her with exam nerves,I have since as that was so successful, downloaded the Pass The Driving Test track. Claire passed first time. Despite her driving instructor being unable to coach her prior to the driving test.
The track really helped her.
Sheena Paterson
Landscape Gardener, Coombe Garden Design

Dear Sam
I would like to thank you for making a significant contribution to both my personal and business life.

I have always been extremely sceptical about hypnosis and seen such help in life as merely a gimmick.

You were kind enough to be very patient with my scepticism and never tried any hard sell tactics to convince me otherwise.

After much rational debate I am happy to say I agreed to give it a go. What impressed me greatly was your professional attitude and desire for solid measurable results. It became apparent that this was not a mechanism for simple indulgence but a practical way to get my desired results in both business and life.

You have assisted me in achieving my business aims. To put it simply, you are now an integral part of my business success.

I would like to thank you for giving me the edge in life and business.
Pierre Jeannes
Director , Rainbow International

Dear Sam,
Just thought I would write few lines thanking you for your help on getting me to quit smoking. I was probably one of their worlds greatest sceptics and thought Hypnotherapy would not work for me. After trying every other stop smoking gimmick and failing, I thought one more would not hurt.
Well I was wrong. After the first session I was a non-smoker to the point where my smoking colleagues were sick of me telling them so. After the 3rd session there was no going back. Occasionally I still get the non-smoker little gremlin sitting on my shoulder telling me I am a non -smoker when a feel a bit vulnerable. But it does not last long. Also since my sessions I have also felt a lot more relaxed proving I do not need nicotine to calm the dramas of everyday life.
All in all I would say it was money and a short amount of time very well spent.
Thank you
Paul Drury
Account Manager , Oxfordshire

Sam helped me stop smoking after smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years with just one session, I cannot thank him enough
Julie Woodhouse,
Julie Woodhouse, Wills and Probate Executive, Brethertons Solicitors., Banbury, Oxfordshire

Dear Sam,
I would like to thank you for helping to stop Bobby smoking.

Before his first session with you he bought his last packet of cigarettes, and on leaving you threw them away, and hasn't bought any since.

Not only has he stopped, but he has stopped without cravings or mood swings, both of which were in abundance before the hypnotism.

In fact he has turned into a really preachy non smoker, who tells everyone around him smoking that it is a bad, and that they too should see you!

On a personal note I would like to thank you for making him an easier person to live with without this addiction.

Thanks Sam.
Lucinda Hart
Director, The Balloon Lady, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Dear Sam,
I would like to thank you for your efforts with my partner, Yvonne, to break her smoking addiction. As you discovered she has become a heavy smoker having started from an early age. I knew breaking this habit was not going to be an easy task.

You couldn't believe my surprise when after the first session it seemed she had lost the urge to light up every few minutes.

Yvonne has had some very difficult moments when out with her friends and at work. However, you have broken her craving and she now finds it easier to say no.

Her health has definitely improved as has her bank balance.

If in the future should you need any references as to the quality of your therapy please do not hesitate in forwarding my name.
Richard Goodenough
Director, AB Imaging, Witney, Oxfordshire

Having been successful in sales and management he was immediately able to pick up on my business shortfalls through an in depth analysis and fact find. By being so precise he was able to work a very effective track for subconscious programming. This has led to significant changes in my business as I am so much more in control and I feel I have a real edge, in what is a ferociously competitive market place."
Local Business Development Manager , Car dealership, Newbury, Berks

Dear Sam

I had for some time considered the use of hypnotherapy to gain an edge in business. I have always believed that any feasible method to improve myself and my business was an obligation and a responsibility.

Now that I have had a few sessions with you and I have had time to realise the benefits your services has provided both me personally and my business, I feel it is my responsibility to make sure you now receive the recognition you deserve for helping me to provide better service to my clients and improving my business.

It would be too easy to give just general comments on the areas that you have helped me to improve such as increased focus, stress reduction, improved posistive attitude, and increased assertiveness. So I would like to take this chance to put a monetary value on your service.

Firstly my sales are up 25% since our first session together 3 months ago. This I can tell you has equated to an increase in profits of £3,850 during that time. Plus a future booked amount of work that so far is at least £4,200 of which £3,700 has already been collected. So your fees now seem like an extreme bargain.

May I add any business person who does not immediately recognize the benefits you provide should contact me and I will be more than happy to provide them with ample written evidence of what you can help achieve.

Lastly i would like to make a sincere thanks for all the work you have done.

Phil Fetzer
Company Director, Absolute Internet Solutions, , Oxford, Oxfordshire

Hello Sam! Wow, I can't believe YOU actually replied to me! That's wonderful!! I am enjoying the tracks. I took a few hypnosis classes in college (b.s. in psychology--but currently going back to school for medical lab scientist)
I purchased the weight loss, and anxiety package....I was just wondering about the hand levitation....whether I am suppose to lift it when it feels lite or is my hand just going to "float" on its own....

Kate Ellet

Thank you... just ordered more CD's. Can't believe how fantastic I feel about food and not letting it rule my daily life now...

Just wanted to say thank you.

Jo Berrill (Mrs)

I am no longer thinking about food all the time and suddenly my fridge is full of healthy food.As if by magic.
The added bonus is the relaxation I just find myself drifting away.
Kathy Colclough

I have used these downloads and the impact was amazing.Feel really confident now with women and my sexual confidence has soared.The old nerves have completely gone and I feel so relaxed and in control.
Jack Turner

Hi Sam,
I have been using some of the downloadable MP3s from your site for the last few weeks now and thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I am getting on.

Just by way of background, I was involved in estate agency for about 20 years and due to a failed business relationship, came out of that business about a year ago financially ruined and suffering a huge lack of confidence.

I have struggled to get back into business and had become anxious and withdrawn as a result.

The Achieve your Goals and Anxiety downloads are the two that I am using the most and I believe the effect they have had has been profound.

My business, which wasnt really a business, has improved dramatically, and I am now taking decisions without the paralysing worry I had had for the last year. I feel so much more focused than ever before and know that I shall continue to use them for a very long time.

Thank you Sam, I shall keep you in touch with my progress.

With kind regards,
Stefan Thomas
Regional Director 4N
Tel: 01993 768292

Stefan Thomas
Regional Director, 4N Networking

Hi Sam
I have used Fear Of Rejection and found it perfect for helping me drive my business forward.
I no longer fear rejection and positively promote myself and my business without hestitation.
This has resulted in my business moving forward with my networking and communication skills improving beyond all recognition.
I feel confident and ready to take on anything.
I cannot thank you enough.
Sally Logan
Reflexologist, www.wellnessreflex.co.uk

In my opinion you can't replace tailor made sessions with a trained Hypnotherapist or in a breakthrough session. There are so many hypnotic downloads out there, so I decided to find the best. Believe me I have reviewed many.

As a refresher now and then I think this is a great selection of MP3's. I have used several of them and they are good. He has over 16 years experience as a clinical hypnotherapist.

Trevor Aird
NLP Coach., Inner Zest International

Hi Sam
I recommended your fear of flying download to my daughter for her child Josh who is aged 7 and the results were amazing.
The first time he came round he said he felt great and we should listen to this. His fear of flying has completely gone.
My daughter was amazed.
They have now flown off on holiday,
Once again many thanks. More than happy to verify this and my other testimonial.

Sally Logan
Reflexologist.Oxfordshire, www.wellnessreflex.co.uk

Since June this year (today`s date 29th September)
I have lost just under 2 stone listening to the weight loss CD.
I fall asleep every time I listen to it,however when I asked Sam about this he said not to worry,the suggestions will still get through and they have.
I have found myself eating less,and I have cut out the nibbling and the fatty foods.
I listen as often as I can and at last have found a method that works.
The big difference is that I do not feel as if I am on a diet.
Mrs Caroline Wright
Housewife, Berkshire

Sam has a very soothing voice, and I was deeply relaxed before I even knew it.
I did not stop straight away but I did cut down significantly and now I have stopped.

Fiona Seed
Managing Director, Powerlogic (UK) Ltd

Excellent quality and very professional.Plus what I like is you actually get the back up help and support, which I did not think I would get.
Doug Smith
September 2, 2008

Just to say that I have lost 4lbs in two weeks, so its all working! Also that I finally actually heard the end of my CD last night (I always fall asleep before the end)

Highly delighted that it would work so well.Each time I listened it became easier,now looking forward to being a lifelong non smoker.
Fatima Ismail

We no longer think of smoking or even miss it,having tried before to stop smoking it was a blessed relief to discover something that works.

Chris &Trevor Gardner

Many thanks Sam.
I will admit, I was slightly taken aback when you answered so quickly !
Now that really impressed me..
I 'post' on quite a few women's forums, so I shall be singing your praises..

Jan Hood
Hebburn Tyne & Wear

Together with wellerassociates through hypnotictracks we are implementing a stress managment programme for our carers which number in the thousands.
Sam`s tracks can offer instant relief from stress and anxiety,with ongoing support packages, online and personal back up.
Caring for carers.
I cannot think of a better way of implementing a cost effective stress management programme, combined with Sam`s workshops.
We have many celebrity patrons Including Sir Ian Botham.
David Beck
Chief Executive Guideposts Trust, http://www.guidepoststrust.org.uk/

Dear Sam,
Just a short note to thank you for the most enjoyable course last week.

Under testing circumstances I believe you created a very positive and constructive environment, we can t have been the easiest trainees you have ever had
Kind regards

David Moncaster

David Moncaster
Sales Manager, Leeds Branch. Crown Financial

Just a note to say I found the course most interesting and congratulate you on the professionalism you displayed as course director

I `m sure that this type of course (communications skills) will be most beneficial to all in the Swindon Branch, perhaps running over one day.
Perhaps we can arrange such a day in the near future.

Robert A Brine

Robert Brine
Branch Manager.Swindon, Crown Financial


I enjoyed this workshop session and felt I achieved my objectives plus more. The first day was set our extremely well and the relaxed atmosphere allowed people to feel at ease and join in. The particular session that I learn allot from was the active listening where you hear what you want to and not what way said.
I have already implanted some of the ideas in my branch for motivational purpose on the telephone sessions, which certainly had an impact on Monday night when the appointments were made.
Stuart Winfrow

Stuart Winfrow
Bedford Brach Manager, Crown Financial

Dear Sam

I know I was only present for a short time in Swindon but it was long enough to see what a great job you were doing.
You obviously had control of the meeting and the session on sales aids was excellent. Everyone was involved and excited by the opportunity of actually using the ideas generated. One of the best sessions I `ve seen for some time.

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing you in the Region again

Yours sincerely

Peter Wilkes
Regional director -South

Peter Wilkes
Regional director -South, Crown Financial

I trained under Sam for my hypnotherapy diploma and HPD.
Sam is an outstanding trainer and great communicator.

He uses his wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure students not only understand and master their subject, but, crucially, also become fully competent and confident as a practitioner.

Sam is an excellent presenter and maintains a lively and fun learning atmosphere. He is very friendly and approachable and his help and advice outside the lecture room has always been invaluable. I cant recommend him highly enough.
Nick Pease
Hypnotherapist Gloucester, www.newlifehypnotherapies.co.uk

Sam is both very experienced and informative and when questions arise he has a great depth of knowledge and practical experience to draw on for his. Its also good because he is working as a hypnotherapist.
Sam is very welcoming in his offers of help in between course contact. I can call or email if I feel I need any help.
Sam not only explains the therapy but also the practical side of running a practice, this is very important for us to be able to discuss.
Sam is extremely encouraging and professional

Julia George
Hypnotherapist , Swindon

This training has far exceeded my expectations! In fact, being a scientist this has tremendously helped me gaining new insights into the subconscious world and made me look at research approaches from a different angle. Sam Weller and David Holmes are very knowledgeable and creating an experiential environment that fosters ultimate learning with passion, humour and creative hands on training. I highly recommend training with Sam and Dave to anyone who really wants to get to grips with hypnotherapy on highest standards.
Dr. Susanne Droste
Research scientist, Bristol

I was trained as a Hypnotherapist by Sam this year. What I found helpful was that he decided to put his own slant on the training and incorporate ideas and techniques into the training that were skipped over a little bit by the core text.

Sams experience in sales and proactive marketing was a helpful tool in the training as it gave a real insight into how a therapist can develop quickly and what is effective at securing clients. He also has a vast knowledge of different techniques which were brought in when relevant to the training.

Sam was personable and enjoyable to work with. I didnt feel I was being trained I felt as if he was were helping me to learn. Too many people cannot connect with their classes and talk at the students, with Sam it was very much a synchronised effort to learn the knowledge and I felt that he really cared about my qualification.

I feel that I was very lucky to have studied under Sam and now that he has his own school for training I know that those students will have even more of a refined and relevant learning process which has been tailored by his experience.

I wish Sam every success in his venture and I know that he will succeed.

Tom Blackman
UK body building champion

Hi Sam,
Thank you for a comprehensive, interesting and enjoyable course. I liked the relaxed teaching style and supportive atmosphere. I appreciated the small size of the group and individual attention. There was a good balance between theory and practice. I found the advice and practical suggestions from yourself very useful. I also found the mix of backgrounds of the group stimulating and brought a variety of perspectives to the sessions.
Good luck with your future courses.
Maeve Tomlion
General Practioner

A fantastic course Sam - most weekends were full of fun as well as lots of lectures and practical work.
The tutor on this course was knowledgeable, very approachable and very much full of character in class.

Not only did I come away as a hypnotherapist but I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend retreats that this type of course was able to offer and on this course I was also able to continue on my journey of self development.

I also met some fantastic and interesting people on this course. I have set up the hypnotherapy business alongside my other therapies so I am utilizing all that I have learnt, in my work as well as it helping in my everyday personal life.

I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a hypnotherapist or for anyone who wants personal growth, as long as you are happy to work hard and are prepared to laugh a lot along the way.
Samantha Simmons
Hypnotherapist , Wootton Bassett

Guideposts Trust and Dementiaweb are implementing a number of sites across the UK to help provide stress management care for carers.
Intergral to this are Sam`s tracks.
Each purchaser will receive a back up programme of emails with online coaching and direct access to Sam and his team.
Also included will be a specially crafted newsletter.
All in all the complete stress management programme.
Effective and affordable.
David Beck
Chief Executive Guideposts Trust, http://www.guidepoststrust.org.uk/

Having worked for many years in the development of new medicines for the treatment of anxiety disorders, pain, Parkinsons disease and obesity.

I was intrigued by clinical reports of the benefits of hypnotherapy as a complementary therapeutic approach, particularly in the area of pain control.

I therefore embarked on a hypnotherapy training course taken by Sam, which I found extremely insightful and enjoyable.
The main thing I took from the course was a profound awareness of how subconscious thought can be influenced to enhance a sense of well-being.
As well as great teaching, Sam provided a level of practical training that is ideal for people wishing to progress into professional hypnotherapy practice.

He provided an excellent balance of theoretical and practical training, and very useful insight from their own practices.

Sam is a natural coach with a very upbeat and encouraging approach.
Sean Lighthowler BSc PhD MBA
Research Scientist, Marlborough Wiltshire

Sam`s tracks are superb,they are well structured and very electic.

All the bases are covered and he has a very professional hypnotic voice.

Far and away the best hypnosis downloads on the market.

The professional`s choice.
Alison Gatenby
Hypnotherapist & Psychologist , Reading, Berks

My anger was getting out of control and threatening my relationship.This download helped me reach a level of relaxation I had never experienced before.
I feel so much more relaxed, confident and in control.The destructive anger I was feeling has gone.
I cannot recommend it highly enough, and the support I received throughout was exceptional.
Keith Randall

After a month 8 lbs came off easly without really having to try,so I never feel as if I am on a diet.The weight loss guide was useful and the back up really useful also.Sam is easy to get hold of and user friendly.
The big plus is that the CD is so relaxing.
Well worth a try
Christine Doust

I had been a dedicated smoker for over 35 years, and I honestly didn't think, for a moment, that Sam could 'make me stop'. after my first session,I bought a pack of 20! but as I came to the last of the pack, I just knew that was it- I would never smoke again, and that was it. Sam does the magic over 3 sessions and I'm convinced THIS is the secret. If you're in his catchment area, give this guy a go. If it worked for me----!
Ann H.

Hi Sam
I have to say I think you are one of the best. I have tried a number of other downloads from various sites but still come back to you. I seem to totally relax to the sound of your voice and although I have lapsed lately listening to the tracks you and your hypnotic tracks have transformed my life.
I have been through a difficult period over the last 8 years from divorce to bringing up three children alone. There have been times when I felt I was staring into a black hole, there was no help. Medication yes but it was not the turning point. Your tracks and your voice stay with me throughout the day. Popping into my head for no particular reason and at no particular time.
You are a very talented man and I am sure you have helped turn many peoples lives around.
Keep up the good work.

Take Care

Ali X

Ali Walters

Dear Sam, just wanted to write to you to thank you for your Hypnotic Tracks - I started my campaign to loose 23lbs before my Wedding. I am delighted to say I have achieved that and more! I've seen a 22% reduction in my fat as well as dropping a tremendous 6 points on my BMI to a healthier 27. I found your Hypnotic Tracks an easy solution to support my weight loss program and everyone has commented on how good I look. I'm not one to endorse but the track did exactly what it said on the tin, I never felt hungry and found it easy to make the right choices and feel good about it. Thanks again for your advice, and best wishes from both my soon to be wife Melanie and I.

Scot Whitrow
EMEA Training Accounts Director, Nortel

Your stop smoking CD worked a treat,I was incredibly relaxed and well away before the 20 steps were finshed.
I feel like a "non smoker" in so many ways,and it is a good feeling.
Happy to recommend hypnotictracks to anybody who wants to stop and stay stopped.

Kind regards

Michelle Beard
Hair Sylist

Every time I listended to your stop smoking CD I fell asleep as it was so relaxing.
I have also stopped smoking as well.
Well worth the money
David Kendell

It was our pleasure to have Sam Weller as guest speaker.
Doctor Antony Seldon
Master, Wellington College

When I was Team leader at Action International Sam was involved with rapport building and telcommunications skills for our coaches.Being an experienced trainer he has extensive knowledge and skills to match.
Paul Avins
Business Coach, http://www.paul-avins.com/

I used a combination of 121 hypnotherapy with Sam and his stopped smoking CD as back up.
All the suggestions worked,I stop smoking,felt good about being a non- smoker,I am much more relaxed,I feel sorry for other smokers,my taste buds have come back, however I am not eating anymore.
I had tried patches and gum before but found them to be quite useless.
This should be on the NHS and is far more powerful than any prescribed drug in my opinion
John McCabe
Managing Director, HeathMcCabe

By the way I have had my exam results back and I got the best exam marks so far in my degree, so very happy. Will definitely be using your hypnotherapy download for my next exam.

Many thanks

Ali Gatenby
Psychologist, Reading Berks

Hypnotic Tracks is the most popular British hypnotic weight loss programme; it seems to work well for some, and though we were skeptical we've heard enough positive feedback to justify inclusion in our reviews.

It did sound a bit alternative to us, but enough people have claimed success with it (and the price is quite reasonable), so we decided it was worthwhile enough to present for those dieters who wish to give it a go. For the serious dietser, you may want to use this in conjunction with a long-term, traditional, healthy diet, and it should reinforce your commitment and success.


I lost 18lbs without even trying.What comes to mind is that all the wrong foods I used to eat no longer appealed or I ate allot less.All without thinking or trying.
To be honest I was skeptical at first but loosing weight is believing.
Sally Raffe

I bought the Animal Magnetism and Achieve your Goals CDs, and liked those so much I went back to Sam and bought Sexual Confidence and Awesome Aura.
I can really feel the difference, and Sam was always on hand to answer any questions.
Peter Messiou

Hi Sam

Just some feedback on today's session. There is a saying that if something is worthwhile it is worth waiting for!

I felt totally relaxed during the session, very happy to listen to the sound of Sam's voice and found myself drifting off very quickly.

When the suggestion for tingling toes and fingers was given, mine did. I am not entirely sure what Sam said to my unconscious mind, but it seems to be working. I do not have the desire for a biscuit, bar of chocolate or anything else naughty to eat (which normally happens at this time of day!)

Now I have to say as someone who has trained in NLP Master and Hypnotherapy I found this session great, very helpful and even though I understand the process couldn't fight it as my unconscious mind just took over whilst I was in this relaxed state.

WELL DONE! Keep up the good work

All the best


Hi Sam,

YES to relax - and in ways that are surprising because the relaxation and calm has eased its way into other areas of experience today. I find I'm less anxious overall and clearer headed. Hmmm.

Still hungry but not feeling EATEN UP by it, if you know what I mean. I was hungry almost immediately after the call - unusual because I'm not a breakfast person - and prepared a toasted multi-grain bagel with cream cheese. I found myself skipping the butter and cutting the measure of cream cheese by about 2/3s - and then found myself satisfied with just half a bagel, eating slowly (gobbling has been a thing for me) and really enjoying it, and happily passing the other half to my husband. No guilt, no conflict or tug of war.

If that's the ease I can expect to populate my days going forward, life will be a gas from here on out! Given that each induction will take me deeper, I'm cautiously excited about where this will allow me to go - and not go!

Having said that the URGES I most often do battle with are in the evening after 8 or so. I'll be better able to respond after a couple of evening's experience.

Global No Drive Day sounds like a great idea! I'll be sure to listen...

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this trial. It's already been an adventure and I look forward to the rest.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the quick reply, I'll certainly try it tonight.
The track definitely helped over the last few months - I bought it at a time when I was thinking of giving up learning because I just couldn't seem to relax enough to listen to my instructor and it really helped with that. Obviously, since I've put in for my test! I downloaded the driving test track because of the success I had with the weight loss one :)

Thanks again for your reply,and I have been recommending your site and tracks to friends.


Georgina Ram

HI Sam, you may remember my visiting you last year around May and June time as i was getting concerned about some wedding nerves before my wedding in July. I am the teacher from Didcot girls school.

Well, i remember saying i would send you a quick line after the wedding and honeymoon to let you know how it all went and only today did i notice the letter i wrote to you is still on my computer and all this time i thought i'd sent it. It's a bit late now but nevertheless it's only fair to let you know that all went very well and i felt perfectly relaxed and enjoyed the day as a result. I can't tell you how impressed i was with the effect the sessions had on me.

So albeit a bit late, thanks again for your help and i'll certainly keep you in mind should i, or someone i know, need similar help in the confidence area.
All the best.
Cheers. Jason.

Jason Burns

I believe that everyone who chooses to be in business sometimes needs a little help. For me, it was breaking through a number of self imposed barriers, mainly based around me not being confident enough to take my business to where I know it deserved to be.

Sam Weller of Hypnotic Tracks has helped me enormously, firstly by helping me to understand that I wasn't actually afraid of failing, I was much more afraid that I might be really successful. Using hypnotherapy and what Sam calls 'right brain coaching' I have successfully and quickly dealt with these barriers and have watched as my business has grown.

As well as working one-to-one with Sam, in my weekly 1 hour hypnotherapy session, Sam offers a number of downloadable self-hypnosis tracks including Supreme Business Confidence, Achieve Your Goals and Public Speaking Excellence, all of which I use regularly in between hypnotherapy sessions.

Sam is based in Oxfordshire and helps clients all over the world – working on live video link for those clients who are too far away to visit him in person.

It certainly works for me and, if you think you would like some help with taking your business forward then visit the Hypnotic Tracks site.
Stef Thomas
Regional Director, 4N networking

Hiya Sam,

Have put a bit of feedback re the website on facebook - but just wanted to let you know the difference the tracks have made to me.

I had a bout of ill health earlier in the year and was taken ill whilst driving and even though i have fully recovered the driving anxiety didnt leave me and I tried everything bar drugs for anxiety which i didnt want in case of getting hooked. Hypnotic Tracks made a huge difference after only one session and repeated sessions have reinforced the messages and made a huge difference. Instead of worrying in advance of every journey in the car I just get in and go and on the very odd occasion that an anxious thought pops into my head - I just think "calm - that is how you choose to feel and if you are calm and relaxed anxiety simply cannot exist" and that usually fixes it.

In addition to all of that - I put myself up for promotion at work (glutton for punishment!) and found the downloads for public speaking and business confidence fabulous.

Thanks for the personal replies you have given , its made it all less "corporatey" and more caring.

Toni Harrington
Slimming world consultant

I am stunned about my eating,only tiny portions.Very strange, and I am incredibly impressed it is briliant.
I am passing Sam `s details on to all my clients.
Jane Bateson
Groupon client, Witney Oxon.

Hi Sam,
I just wanted to say how I found my first 1-2-1 weight loss hypnotherapy session very enjoyable. I came out feeling very relaxed and optimistic about losing weight. I have also found it really helpful to listen to your hypnotic tracks at home as well. The more often I listen the more positive I feel.It is early days I know but I am looking forward to losing weight and feeling more confident about myself.
Thank you
Fiona B

Fiona B.
Groupon client

"My friend Nikki I and downloaded the hypnotherapy weight loss bundle which Groupon recently promoted on the behalf of Sam Weller and hypnotic tracks. We were not really sure what to expect?. However the downloads were very professionally produced and Sam`s voice is very relaxing. We are both enjoying listening to them and have already noticed that our feelings towards food have changed for the better, we eat less without feeling as if we are on a diet."

Charlotte Falkenau
Groupon client

I bought Sam`s weight loss package via Groupon and feel great.
In my first week lost 4lbs without trying.
I eat the right foods without thinking.
Sam`s downloads with the support package and weight loss guide are fantastic value
Annette Barnard
Groupon client

Hi Sam, just a quick question, i recently purchased 4 of your hypnotic tracks (big fan after the first stop smoking one!) and was just wondering, sometimes i fall asleep when I'm listening and sometimes i don't, when i don't fall asleep i am so relaxed that i think it is only my subconscious mind that is listening, my question is, is it better to just let myself fall asleep and will it still have the same / better results or is it better to stay in a medative/ trance like state? i would greatly appreciate your feedback, Great work on the tracks they are brilliant!! ive tried to give up smoking many times and this is the only way i have achieved it ( 2 weeks and counting ! ) thank you again

Simon Reid

I can whole heartedly recommend Sam Weller as a Hypnotherapist. I have listened to many of Sams Hypnotherapy downloads available on his website: www.HypnoticTracks.com (also available on www.SoundsOrange.com) and they are extremely effective. I have also had the privilege of working with people Sam has trained as hypnotherapist's and they are also very expert in their field.

Anadi Taylor
Director, SoundOrange

Hi Sam,

I'm really loving your downloads, I really think that they are helping me, many thanks.

Kurt Forrest


I really appreciate that you offered the 2 extra hypnotracks with purchase this week. I have used one of your downloads before to stop smoking, and I found it really helped. I have been thinkinhg about trying the weight loss one for a while and this great deal encouraged me to finally get to it! I reccommend your website to others all the time. Thank you for offering a product that works so well and is very affordable.

Jasmine Philip

The weightloss track is magic. Its really functional.

Stuart Robertson

Are you in a hypnotic state of Customer Service with unbelievable 24hr efficiency....sleep well & thank you again...if this works I wish to become your new sales agent....night night

Tine Desoutter

I booked in for one to one hypnotherapy with Sam through the Groupon deal and used the Hypnotictracks weight loss CD as well.
The results far exceeded my expectations,I feel very confident and my feelings towards food have changed.
No more comfort eating and the weight has started to come off.
I have recommended Sam to everyone who wants to lose weight.
Teresa Tallis
Groupon client

hello..have used your tape now for 4 weeks or so and lost over a stone. Can you do one specially for fear of spiders? if so how much and how do I get it?


I purchased the weight loss package but to be honest I was cynical as to whether it would work or not.

However I have lost 3 lbs in my first week,and find making the right choices as to what to eat very easy.
I also do not feel like I am on a diet and punishing myself.

Well worth the money
Jan Edwards
Groupon purchaser

Fantastic! I was worried that it wouldn't work!

I must say that I think the tracks are fantastic and are really helping me to stay focused to lose weight!

Groupon purchaser

Hypnotic tracks created by you are amazing
Bangalore, India

Thank you so much. I am loving the hypnotic tracks

Hi Sam,

When I saw the promotion I was quite excited about it. A new way to stop smoking at a cost which I can afford.

I have tried all sorts of ways to stop smoking (Allen Carrs easyway, Dr G Zipp ear acupuncture, Twisp electronic device & Zyban tablets)

So you can understand where I am coming from and the costs enormous.



Hi Sam,


I think it's an ABSOLUTELY amazing deal - the best one I've ever come across on Groupon! Not only are the packages such an incredibly low price, but buy 2 get 1 free is such an added bonus!

I've heard so much about this hypnosis type therapy and so grateful it was such a good deal that I could get all 3 packages! I'm very excited to try them out & reap the benefits! It couldn't have come at a better time - been struggling for a year to lose a few kilos and just got a promotion so stress is high ... And need to quit smoking for my health too!

Kind Regards & thanks for this gift,


My mother purchased the weight loss track (through groupon I think?) and after one listen she said it was definitely working so well done there!

Hi Sam,

I tried the weight loss track yesterday for the first time, i have already noticed a change which is amazing!


Hello! I listened to your weight loss track for the first
time last night. I've never experienced hypnotism before and just
decided to go with whatever happens. It felt very strange indeed!
Anyway, I really enjoyed it, had a wonderful night's sleep and this
morning I can't finish my usual, enormous bowl of cereal! Can't wait
to listen to it again!


From 30 cigarettes to a non smoker.

I could not leave the house without a packet of them.Life now starts as a non smoker.
David Murray

Dear Sam,

After having recently bought your tracks I am beginning to feel more confident and the sexual confidence and animal magnetism CDs are starting to encourage me to make stronger eye contact with attractive women something i'm not used to doing! I feel a lot more ease with myself (I've even noticed a little more swagger in my step) and feel like the effects are starting to be noticed even after around a week's worth of listening. So thank you for this marked improvement.


Hi Sam

I bought a few of your hypno tracks through groupon Plymouth a while ago and am getting on much better thanks, I have recommended you to a few friends as well.

Paige Moore
Groupon purchaser

Went into this a little cynical,however
eating less,feel fuller quicker,
sticking to right foods.

So works for me.
Carol B-T
Groupon weight loss Client

Thank you for the great quality tracks,

I am going to purchase more tracks from your website

Karin Coomer

Karin Coomer

Before I went on holiday I purchased your hypnotic tracks on weight loss & downloaded onto my ipod to listen to in the sun!!! I have come back from my holiday now & did not put any weiight on at all!!! that is amazing!!!

Liz Lewis

That was fab
Penelope Hazel

The ultimate chill pill.I am recommending you to to others.
Ray Wright

Hi there, I purchased 3 hypnotic tracks from you last week through quidco and really enjoying using them. They are excellent quality (I'm studying Hypnotherapy myself with Chrysalis).thanks.

I have listened to various hypnosis downloads over the years and have found hypnotictracks to be far and away the best.
Thomas Nolan

Lost 4 stone and very likely to recommend.
Oxford, Hypnotictracks survey

I have lost 21lbs without trying. I look good, feel good and don't need to lose more. It has stayed off too, none has crept back on. I'm delighted!
Emma Longstreet
Hypnotictracks survey

Immediate results were excellent, unfortunately I let things slide. but I'm getting back on track (pardon the pun)

Extremely likely to recommend.

No improvements needed its excellent and it works

Hypnotictracks survey

Nobody ever thought in a million years i would stop smoking but thanks to Sam I have.

Hypnotictracks survey

I changed my approach to food. I eat less and more healthy. I have more energy and I'm not as tense as I used to be.

Hypnotictracks survey

Very good quality tracks, I have learnt useful techniques for relaxation which impact other areas of my life too. I have already recommended them to other Chrysalis classmates and work colleagues!
Hypnotictracks survey feedbackback

I think they are great value and highly effective, so no suggestions really.
Hypnotictracks customer survey Nov 2011

Eating much less. Cravings are gone. Very relaxed. Don't get worked up as much.

None, perfect just the way it is.
Survey feedback

If you are serious about attracting men,looking good and having confidence when you date guys then listen to this track.
Frankie Picasso
Radio Broadcaster and Life Coach, www.unstoppablefrankiepicasso.com

Hi there

I've now managed to download them onto my phone so I can listen to them in private, but thanks for the excellent after sales service, I'd have no hesitation recommending you to others, thanks again
Kathleen McDonald

Kathleen McDonald

Hi Sam

Many thanks. I bought weight loss, gastric band, no more comfort eating and no more binge eating in the new year. I have lost 8lbs since the new year(3 weeks ago) and feel great. The best thing is that I don't have the continual cravings or reach for the biscuit tin when things are not going well.

Many thanks

Katherine Holme

Katherine Holme

5lbs first week.Brilliant..

I enjoy eating the right foods.I have eaten less.It is easy and I have established a rhythem
Lousie Smith

just downloaded my tracks and listened to the first one. I've already lost 31 lb so want to use your techniques to help keep me on track and get me to my target weight during 2012 - great price with the Groupon deal, thanks

Sam Wellers Hypnotic Tracks are great.!
I use the one for relief of tiredness, just relax and listen for about half an hour and it totally refreshes me and gives me lots of energy.
I don't often recommend things but I love this.!!

Bernie Byrne

Eating the right foods without trying and eating less.

now lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and do not feel as if I am on a diet.

Louise Smith

Hi Sam,
I'm obviously not alone in falling asleep. The tracks certainly seem to be working as I have found my attitude towards food and picking between meals has changed without me realising. I still don't know what my sub-conscious is taking in as I still cannot stay awake long enough to hear it!
Well done, Deborah xx


Some 15 years ago whilst in the USA I used a hypnosis video to stop smoking with 100% success to this day ( it was both audio and visual BTW) have had to looked for a UK source for losing weight ( perhaps because i stopped smoking) . Sam Wellers Hypnotic TRACKS has been a great success for me . Steady weight loss and a feeling of my own goal being gently helped by making the right decision -- No I don't really want that second portion of spaghetti carbonara -- no ice cream is nice but I don't really want it . It is subtle and effective and I expect will work for me in the long term rather than a quick fix..

Hypnotic tracks work for me and I strongly suggest that you at least see if they can help you too.

Hypnotic tracks are a strong support to help in achieving your targets or improve your lifestyle as I have discovered.

Jeremy Boardman

Would like to recommend Sam Weller Hypnotic Tracks, have tried out a
few tracks and finding them great


I have added them to my iPod so I can listen to them at night or when I'm on the laptop and I have actually been really good this week with no binge eating! I really think they help so I would heartily recommend them.


Hi Sam,

I am enjoying my Weight Loss download very much. I have lost a half stone so far and feel very motivated, all thanks to your CD. I had tried lots of diets, pills, etc before and nothing seemed to work so I am delighted with myself and have told others about your website.

Here's to the new me.

Catherine Walsh

Catherine Walsh

Hypnotictracks are great! I can personally recommend the losing weight options and the on-line follow up is a unique service
Doctor Melanie Jones

7 lbs lost in 2 weeks and best of all I do not have to even think about it.
I was a skeptic at first not anymore.
Karen Riddlestone

Hi Sam,

Your Hypnotracks are great and I can see some results already from using the weight loss and the enjoy exercise tracks.

Thanks again for this wonderful products.

Kind Regards,

Domenico Brunetti

No more over eating no more binge eating and no more bulimia.

Fantastic plus so relaxing.
Stef B.

The cd is so easy to listen to. Hypnotictracks is a to the point method ( no imagining beaches & naff music) Sam has a soothing tone to his voice which is the key to relaxing. And boy do you relax, deeply.
I have tried other hypnotherapy sessions without sucess yet after the first time listening to the weight loss cd the message is in my head. There is no fighting with your conscience. You are happy to eat healthily! I do not need to talk myself out of snacks or treats as I do not want them any more. I am astounded at at the speed of my progress & it is all due to hypnotictracks. I have invested in more cd's but wish to concentrate on the weight loss for now.
As an added benefit I have discovered that the deep state of relaxation I can achieve is aiding work related back/ shoulder & neck pain. The track enables you to quickly & totally relax your whole body leaving you feeling like you've had a full nights sleep in half an hour. It is transforming my life. I've shed 6lb in 2 weeks.

Thanks Sam

Anne Dixon md
Salon owner

Anne Dixon
Salon Owner

After 38 years of being a smoker
and having used Zyban and failed thanks to Sam and his stop smoking CD I am now a non smoker.
Wendy Grant


Thank you so much for sending those on to me. I have listened to the relaxation download and felt great afterwards so am really looking forward to some positive changes. This is by far the best hypnosis groupon offer I've seen.


Joanne Lyons

Hi Sam,

I'm a hypnotherapist and have been listening to loads of hypno downloads over the last year.

Yours are by far the best I have ever heard.

I was so disallusioned by the rest that I hadnt bothered to do my own even though my clients have askedYou've inspired me to get on and do some myself.

Jennie Francis

Groupon buyer.

Jennie Francis
Hypnotherapist, http://www.hypnotherapysuccess.co.uk/

Hi Sam,

I have found it the best track for complete relaxation. I sleep so much better now and eat healthy food!

Thank you,



I just want to say how unbelievably helpful and beyond the call of duty Sam from Weller Associates has been in trying to get my downloads to me.

He must have sent them, in various different formats and two 3 email addresses, about 20 times or more.

For some weird reason the emails with the tracks on them just weren't getting to the address, tho all the other ones from him during our correspondence got there fine.

It's been very odd, and neither of us understand why, but eventually we managed to get a form of them through to one address and it's all because of his patience and persistence, so all hail Sam. Give the man a medal.

Thanks a lot.

A very satisfied customer

Doune Fairfax

Hi Sam,

I know this is probably a computer generated mail sent to everyone but I just wanted to say (and I hope that it finds its way to your eyeballs)

I have so far listened to one of your tracks and already the difference in my eating habits is phenominial!

I cant wait to listen to the rest J

This was definitely a great buy and what you do is INCREDIBLE!

Thanks again!

Tracy Kieser
Groupon South Africa

I downloaded your hypnotracks about a fortnight and have found that my entire relationship with food has changed.
very very VERY happy customer :)

Vanessa McMillan
Groupon Australia

Dear Sam
I have really enjoyed your Hypnotic Tracks Ultimate Weight Loss Package course and I am beginning to loose weight easily and naturally without going on a starvation type diet for the first time. I have been using all the resources available and I have found all elements of the programme have helped me through.
Thank you
Alison Pile
Alison Pile

Definitely feel more relaxed and energised a lot calmer they help me to sleep at night, unwind & not think about the day or work!
Eleanor Britton
Hypnotic tracks survey Oct 2012

very good.eating habits especially snacking have changed.can resist purchasing sweet and fattening food.satisfied by smaller portions energy good sleep great
Andrew Power
Survey Oct 2012

Feeling less hungry overall. Fall asleep during the tracks! But wake up feeling extremely relaxed
Survey Oct 2012

i have found that i do not eat as much as i used to, also i feel much more relaxed
Julie Crabb
Survey Oct 2012

I found myself falling asleep peacefully to the voice of Sam :)
Im extremely satisfied with my purchases,- it has made a diffrence to my Life/ lifestyle- I just need to make time for them regularly.
Hypnotictracks survey Oct 2012

I'm no longer addicted to food! After nearly 40 years of having an intense emotional attachement to food, its no longer there! I'm excercising every day and LOVING it! I'm having orgasms everythime I have sex, multiples too. Its AWESOME!!!!

I LOVE the packages I have recommended them to everyone who will listen, so much so that people think there must be a subliminal "advertise the hynotracks to everybody" put in there. LOL! Hypnotracks have changed my life! I would like to see some specifically for children.
Vanessa McMillan
Survey feedback Sept/Oct 2012

There are definitely signs of improvement and in my overall health and wellbeing.
I purchased Hypnotic Tracks through an online deal in Australia.

Thanks Sam for your inspiration and motivational support - keep up the good work!

Groupon Australia

Hi Sam

I recently purchased your Hypnotic Tracks via Groupon. I have found the Relaxation and Confidence track to be an absolute godsend.

That track has helped me greatly by keeping me calm and to sleep better.

So just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I have appreciated knowing I have that track (as well as some others) to help me.

Kind Regards


Fantastic! I was worried that it wouldn't work!

I must say that I think the tracks are fantastic and are really helping me to stay focused to lose weight!

Thank You

Shona Dunning

I have tried a number of providers and recommend Sam Weller at Hypnotic Tracks. He has a number of downloads available that have proved effective for many people I know.
Allan Smith
Managing Director, Corporate Dynamics (UK) Ltd

The track enables you to quickly & totally relax your whole body leaving you feeling like you've had a full nights sleep in half an hour.

Thai Massage Sydney

Sam is an inspirational and motivational person who has delivered this course with flair, humour and rigorous professional regard.
With utmost pateience he has quenched my ever thirsty desire for knowledge and understanding.
His extensive knowledge, anecdotal evidence and personal rapport has inspired me to embark on my own pathway to success.
For anyone considering a career or interest in hypnotherapy then this is the course for you.
Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Colette Cassin - Davies B.A. hons PGATCE ( Head of Art )

Colette Cassin

Hi Sam.

Just want to say thank you for these tracks, I bought them over two years and find them excellent, it takes time to use them right but the benefits are fantastic.

I decided to use them again recently but for some reason I could only play the first few minutes, I contacted Sam and he went out of his way to help, he emailed all tracks to me again within 24 hours!!! I really can't thank him enough.

This is what customer service is....

I would recommend these tracks to anyone and the variety of tracks available is expanding and very reasonably priced.

Thanks again Sam.

Linda Quearney

I originally ordered 2 tracks and was so pleased with the results went onto order 13 more.
Jan Memory

I would just like to say that your previous track on achieving goals has changed my life....literally!
You have the amazing ability to release old beliefs, habits and pattens that have been there for 37years.
No other course or workshop has to-date been able to achieve and create the profound change and shift as that of you tracks....Thankyou!

I have spread the word far and wide in my circles here in Cape Town and around South Africa. You have an ever growing fan base.
Keep up the amazing work it is greatly needed and appreciated here!


Hi Sam,
I did research on some quality hypnosis mp3's and found that your sessions came out with the best rating every-time
Martin Swanepoole
South Africa

Dear Sam
I have really enjoyed your Hypnotic Tracks Ultimate Weight Loss Package course and I am beginning to loose weight easily and naturally without going on a starvation type diet for the first time. I have been using all the resources available I have found all elements of the programme have helped me through.
Thank you

Alison Pile

Hi Sam

I am really enjoying your course.(Ultimate weight loss) It's well organised and the tracks and material are very high quality. Thank you!


I did want to let you know how happy I am with your 'Sleep like a log' track.
I haven't slept this well in years!

Leila Heavey

Hi Sam,

I am really impressed with the hypnotherapy tracks and find them immensely relaxing.
Katrien Mens

I just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed doing your online hypnotherapy course. I have learnt so much and really enjoy doing self-hypnosis, it's really relaxing and Im sleeping so much better now. With the help of this course I wrote a script to help me with my exam nerves. It was great, it really helped me stay calm and I found it easier to recall what I needed to answer all the questions . I have learnt so much about hypnosis and really enjoyed the course - thank you!

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the course. The time has flown by! I feel very fortunate to have had both Ali and Sam as our trainers, you are both very approachable, knowledgeable and highly skilled hypnotherapists.

I really appreciated being in a small and friendly group, this created an ideal learning environment. I now feel confident and more than ready to embark on my career as a hypnotherapist, especially with the reassurance of your continued support over the next few months.

With many thanks & best wishes
Mandy Anstee

Thanks again for a fantastic few months. I am very excited and positive about my new venture. Here are a few comments that I would like you to include on your website. Sam is an inspirational and motivational person who has delivered this course with flair, humour and rigorous professional regard.

With utmost patience he has quenched my ever thirsty desire for knowledge and understanding. His extensive knowledge, anecdotal evidence and personal rapport has inspired me to embark on my own pathway to success. For anyone considering a career or interest in hypnotherapy then this is the course for you. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Colette Cassin - Davies

I have recently finished my hypnotherapy course with Weller Associates Training and I would like to say a huge thank you to both Ali and Sam. It was very informative, with lots of practical work involved and also it was a great atmosphere to learn in too. We were all a little sad to leave the classroom on the graduation day as it was so much fun.

They are a great team that really helped me feel confident in what I was doing, always happy to answer any questions at anytime not just in the classroom, enabling me to practice on friends and family and see positive results while training.

I have since started my practice up and I feel confident I can help my new clients, and know that if I do come across a client that I am unsure how to help I can contact Weller Associates for advice.

I would highly recommend Weller associates Training to anyone looking at Hypnotherapy as a new career.

Louise Robins


I have girls checking me out everywhere I go.

I make eye contact and wink a lot now and moving forward, whereas in the past at times I'd look away and feel intimidated.

Excellent Product, All of your Products are Superb.

I have 6 of them already!

Jim Klouse
Jim Klouse Personal Empowerment Mentor and Transformational Trainer

Having bought Sam`s products before and enjoyed great success,it was time to stop smoking.
His stop smoking track has worked a treat and I have not smoked for 18 months.
Plus he always answers your questions and he deserves his success.
Clairvoyant Kaye

Hello Sam,

I think hypnotic tracks is great, am finding that my eating habits have improved without even thinking about it really, have lost 2.7kg already , thank you.

Linda M

Thanks Sam, enjoying your program for weight loss.
I wonder if I am doing something wrong! I go to sleep every time I listen to your soothing voice never get to the end! Think I will try doing in the morning when I am not so likely to drift off.
Thanks and I will let you know the results. I'm happy.


Hi Sam

I am loving the weight loss hypnotic tracks. Thank you so much. In particular I also find the relaxation extremely therapeutic. I suffer with a lot of physical pain and this level of relaxation gives me a short respite from my pain, which is wonderful. Incidentally, I am also losing weight!
However, I have never listened to anyone with such a wonderfully relaxing voice as yours!

Anyway thanks once again for your brilliant tracks.


Gill Pearson

Gill Pearson

Hi there

I am really enjoying, and benefitting from, hypnotictracks already and am very pleased that it has kick-started my need to tackle losing weight and getting more energy.

Jane Fraser

The tapes are brilliant I have lost weight, feel better and - have regained my sense of humour so a big 'thank you' to you.

Best wishes


Jane Fisher

I've attended a hypnosis clinic before and wasn't very impressed, but with this, the tone of voice and ability to bring me right to a deep state of relaxation was impressive and subconsciousness suggestions very effective.
Groupon Ireland

This are the best hypnosis tracks, I ever had. Your voice is pleasant and clear. For the first time in my life, I am very hopeful in getting results.
Groupon Netherlands

I thought the reduce alcohol intake really worked for me i have halfed my usual in take and the relaxation techniques were really good really helped me de stress as well. So far this week I have lost 2llb and I have not done any exercise.
Feedback Groupon UK

Just wanted to say thanks I have purchased the weighty loss modules and they have really helped i have lost 1 1/2 stone in 6 weeks. Abit stuck atm but am enjoying exercising ect more that ever before and have had no sugar in this time either and I was a total addict. Just purchased some more and looking forward to the results. Listen to them every night without fail!!

Jo Thompson

This is by far the best Groupon I have ever bought. Sam is tremendous and has reprogrammed my mind to stop overeating and start making better choices. Thanks Sam and thanks Groupon. If you want to start sticking to a weightloss plan Groupon brothers and sisters just buy the files and you can do it too.
Groupon Feedback
Weight loss deal, April 2016

The hypnotic voice of Sam Weller is amazing if this method doesn't work nothing will. I have just started the weight loss programme and will let you know whether it is a success. But as far as becoming hypnotised I can tell you that works. Simple to follow instructions via email then just follow the link and listen
Andrea R.

Hi Sam,
I have used a lot of your hypnotherapy tracks over the last year and have to say that it has made an astounding difference in my life. I've lost a lot of weight, am exercising regularly, have taken up latin and ballroom, started dating again and my confidence is back....

Karien van Rooyen

Hi Sam

Also I can not thank you enough for your tracks I have had results instantly, especially from the weight loss and anxiety tracks. I have recommended you to friends and family

Kind regards

Marie Gatehouse

Groupon easy to redeem,have only listened to the first track a couple of times but it seems to be working for me.Information about how to get the best from the tracks very helpful. Have already noticed that I am eating less, and am eager to try the rest of the tracks in due course .I intend to listen to each track 3 times before moving onto the next.So far very impressed.
Colin P.

I have tried various hypnotherapy tracks. This is the only one that has worked. I bought this a fortnight ago and I have already lost 8lbs. I think the difference is that the hypnotherapist ensures you are properly relaxed and open to suggestions, but more importantly is the support you receive. The online material I received really helped me to view my journey in a different light. Thank you so much, wellerassociates, for helping me get myself on track!
Megan M

Hi Sam thank you so much your weight loss program has helped me so much Iv lost 3 stone in 5 months

Lisa Clarke

Many thanks Sam.

I have to say I'm so glad I found your site, it was pure chance through a Wowcher but it was the best thing I ever found.

Thank you so much.



Hi Sam

I hope you are well. Just to let you know you are one of the very few
producers of Hypnotic Downloads that I recommend my clients towards.

Kind regards



Doug Clark

I was suffering from weight gain and i tried everything to reduced but thanks to this one, they helpe me alot. i am fit and living a healthy life style because of hypnotic tracks
Henry Williams
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