Powerful Hypnotherapy Downloads

Technical Questions

In which audio format are the tracks provided?
To provide the best global support, the tracks are provided in MPEG-1 Layer III format (commonly known as "MP3"). They are provided at a compression rate of 64kb/second in mono.

How do I transfer them to a CD?
Instructions are provided for writing the tracks to a CD in Winamp, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player; however the process is likely to be similar in any popular CD writing application.

Can I use them in my iPod (or other personal audio player)?
Yes. The software provided with your personal audio player should be able to recognise and transfer the tracks as with any other audio file.

I cannot download them?
If your tracks are not playing it is probably due to them having been downloaded using a weak wireless internet connection.
Please try plugging in an Ethernet cable or getting closer to your wireless router/switch.
If your tracks are not downloading properly it is usually due to you trying to download your tracks over a weak wireless connection.
We recommend plugging in an Ethernet cable. If this is not possible you will need to get closer to your wireless router/switch.
For downloadind onto itunes/ipod etc
Create a folder in your music folder (where ever you store your other MP3's). RIGHT CLICK (Windows)/CONTROL CLICK (Mac) the relevant 'Download' button. You will be prompted for a location to download your track too. Please use the folder you created above. When you have downloaded all your tracks, start iTunes up. In iTunes at the bottom left hand corner, there is a + sign - this will create a new playlist. Drag all your newly downloaded MP3's, from the folder your created in step 1, into your selected playlist. You can now play them in iTunes.

Important Notice
Please do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery.