Powerful Hypnotherapy Downloads

Online Backup

Hypnotictracks has a unique online back up programme, so you are fully supported by an experienced hypnotherapist.This service comes at no additional cost and lasts as long as you need it.

We are different in as much as we take an active interest in what happens after you have purchased the tracks.

So you can enjoy the same level of support as you would working with a hypnotherapist in a practise as a client.

You are more likely to achieve your objectives with this level of support.

Having access to your own qualified hypnotherapist in conjunction with the most effective hypnosis downloads in the market today is a winning and very unique combination.

After you have purchased your tracks you will receive a support email offering guidance and encouragement.

Please refer to Guide to how the tracks work.This outlines step by step how the track is structured, and the advanced techniques that are used.

Sam Weller SQHP
(Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practise)
Team Leader Hypnotictracks.

Here is some typical feedback :

"From my own personal experience with Hypnotictracks, I can honestly say that the tracks themselves are of a high quality product and the hypnosis sessions professional and effective . Even downloading the tracks onto my iPod produced a clear and highly defined sound. The complimentary on-line backup support offered by Sam at Hypnotictracks is second to none. Sam has proven to be willing to offer advice and answer any questions you might have regarding the product itself or personal questions about hypnosis. I have to acknowledge that I was one of those skeptical people who did not really believe that people selling hypnotherapy products on the internet would actually provide genuine on-line support - until now, that is. From first-hand experience, I've discovered that Hypnotictracks really is quite unique in that Sam offers on-line backup support unlike anything I've ever experienced on the internet which, in my view, helps to make the tracks more effective in striving to reach your goals – it's sort of like having your own personal hypnotherapist right there to help you when you need it the most! For this, I thank Sam and Hypnotictracks."

Lorraine T. Lewis
216 Heritage Way
New Jersey 08096