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I'd like to warmly welcome you to Hypnotic Tracks Club, which I've created for people who want to use proven hypnosis techniques to achieve their goals, aims and desires. I'm Sam Weller and I'm the hypnotherapist behind Hypnotic Tracks (and for that matter in front and in the middle, I do practically everything apart from the techie bits!).

What's in your free download?

  • Enjoy this introductory session "Relax and Feel Refreshed in 10 minutes".
  • Go with the flow as you use the most powerful part of your mind, the subconscious.
  • A completely natural and safe way to find out what hypnosis can do for you.

What you can look forward to in the HT Club Newsletter

As well as your FREE MP3 download, you'll receive :

  1. My tips and techniques on getting the best out of your downloads and hypnosis.
  2. Inspiring Success stories from other Hypnotic Tracks users.
  3. Special deals only available to HT Members

Plus :

Your own fully qualified hypnotherapist with over 16 years experience

What if you had access to a fully qualified hypnotherapist who has been practicing for over 16 years, and helped hundreds of people to lose weight, stop smoking, and relax, sometimes for the first time in years? Someone who's worked with people to improve their confidence in both personal and business situations, hit the "sweet spot" in sports, and get more out of life?

Well that person is me. And if you join Hypnotic Tracks Club, you can email me personally at a special HT Club email address only available to members. Whatever questions you have about hypnosis, my downloads or any of the many areas I cover, I will answer you personally.

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