Powerful Hypnotherapy Downloads

Getting The Best From Hypnotic Tracks

Having a greater understanding of the Tracks will enable you to achieve better results.Please read parts 1-6.

Allow 25/30 minutes for your tracks. I am often asked when is the best time to listen?

No particular time is best as long as you get into the habit of listening.

Each track starts with a countdown from 5 down to 1 to prepare you to gently close your eyes and ends with a count up from 1 up to 5.

The less you try the more effective the process will be, just think of it as a relaxing catnap with a purpose. This is exactly what I tell my clients in 121 sessions. Words are only 30% of any routine the voice is much more important and counts for 70%.

As it is not a cognitive process the positive suggestions will have an impact on your feelings, realigning them to a more positive and empowering state.

You may find yourself drifting off which is fine and just means you are extremely relaxed, the suggestions will still go to work.

Part 1
This focuses on suggestions for physical relaxation so your body is relaxed (progressive relaxation)

Part 2
This is a deepening technique based on visualisation (deepening)

Part 3
This is a mixing of the conscious with the sub conscious to allow access to the sub conscious by way of mental confusion.

Part 4
This is a test for access to the sub conscious mind by way of hand levitation. There is no logical reason why one hand should feel heavier than the other and the other lighter. If you hand floats it means that the suggestions for programming will reach the sub conscious. If you hand does not float immediately there is no need to worry as sometimes it takes practise to be able to relax. No other download on the market tests for this. They basically rely on lightweight suggestions for relaxation and music.

Part 5
Mental relaxation by allowing the numbers to float away without concentrating on them thus achieving a state of mental stillness.

Part 6
Repeated programming suggestions to reach your sub conscious mind, which is the seat of your feelings and empowers you to make the changes and improvements that you want to make. Suggestions whether from a 121 with a hypnotherapist or from a download will only work if you want them to work. Please feel free to contact hypnotictracks if you have any questions.