Powerful Hypnotherapy Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many downloads and CDs on the market. Why choose yours?
Good question. The sort of one I would ask before parting with my money!!
The tracks have been based on over 22 year's experience of seeing many clients over that period and working with them successfully to obtain results.
So the routines on which the scripts have been written are tried and tested.
Script wise an eclectic approach is used which means that all the bases are covered.
My voice is a professionally trained hypnotic voice, and voice is the most important part of any routine. It is absolutely essential.
The tracks have been professionally recorded in a studio and are as good as they can be.
Personally I do not believe in background music as that is a distraction to hide a poorly trained voice.
As the years have rolled by we now have numerous testimonials which back up the quality of hypnotic tracks.

How many times should I listen?
In practice as a general guide, three sessions covers most things that clients book in for. One tremendous advantage of the tracks is that you can treat yourself to as many sessions as you like. If you take weight loss for instance, high poundage weight loss means many sessions of hypnotherapy, which can be expensive. With a track you can hit your target weight regardless of the number of virtual sessions that you may need.

When is the best time to listen?
Most people listen before they go to bed because that is a convenient time for them when they can get some peace and quiet. There is no best or worst time results wise. The important thing to get into the habit of listening.

I keep falling asleep am I doing anything wrong?
This one I get asked all the time. Falling asleep just means you are deeply relaxed which is great. The suggestions will still go to work for you.

How can your weight loss tracks help me lose weight?
We have developed a system as close as you can get to 1 to 1 hypnotherapy.
As well as the weight loss track we have a weight loss guide and online support.
With this we include a visual link up thorough our imedialibrary facility. We send you the link and we can take it from there.

How do I know that they are working?
We use a 5-stage induction process, which includes an arm levitation exercise (for the technically minded it is called the Lewis Wolberg arm levitation technique).
This is an exercise in subconscious reaction so you have proof positive if you need it that the subconscious mind is being reached.
For more details please refer to the audiovisual and you are always welcome to contact me.

Do I just have to listen to one track at a time or can I listen to several?
You can listen to as many as you like. However it is probably best to tackle one issue at a time.