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Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking is already one of the top New Yearís resolutions. This New Year, with the smoking ban fast approaching, smoking cessation will be a more popular resolution than ever before.

If youíre serious about improving your health in 2007, the first step is to give up smoking. This first step will probably be the single most important step you will take to achieving better health.

We all know that by kicking the habit youíre reducing the risk of developing a number of serious conditions; cancer, emphysema, heart disease. But youíll also find you feel generally fitter, get your sense of taste and smell back and look and smell much better!

Over and above the health benefits associated with smoking cessation, youíll find you have more money in your pocket and, from summer 2007, you wonít have to keep going outside the Club for a fag!

We want to help you stay on top of your health. Stopping smoking isnít going to be easy, but the powerful self hypnosis track available from this website has a proven track record of helping thousands of smokers quit. And youíll be backed up by expert advice every step of the way.

Try a Complimentary Induction Session

To find out if Hypnotherapy is for you, I invite you to download a Complimentary copy of Part 1 Progressive Relaxation. In just 10 minutes you will be amazed at how relaxed you feel. Please click here for your Complimentary Induction Session.

Dear Sam,

My wife and I would like to thank you as we stopped smoking with the help of the Hypnotic Tracks. We were both heavy smokers and decided this year to break the habit.

We had previously gone down the traditional route of patches and gum, but this never worked and it was time to try something different. What appealed to us about the download was having the facility whereby we could listen in the privacy of our own home and in our own time.

We both lead hectic schedules and taking time out for hypnotherapy sessions might have been difficult, but with the support of the online backup we could do everything at home.

We therefore consider Hypnotic Tracks to be fantastic value for money and can thoroughly recommend Hypnotic Tracks to anyone who is serious about packing up smoking.

Alan and Rachel Browning
Wish IFA ex-smokers, Banbury Oxon

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